Level 4 Elective: Write a Compelling Blog

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Level 4 Elective: Write a Compelling Blog

The journey so far

This project was my favourite from January 2018 when I was completing my first Path, Effective Coaching. In this project I saw a challenge to ‘find my voice’ and create a unique set of eight blog posts (in one month) about my Voyage of a Pathways Guide.

“In this project, you will learn the basic structure of developing and writing a
compelling blog, how to properly engage your readership, …”

navigator dragon

I had a great deal of fun in putting together my blog posts in the Fantasy genre and providing other PGs with my own perspectives on what it was like to be leading others into Pathways. There were strange new lands, dragons, and obstacles that I needed to overcome in my path to enlightenment. I structured these in 8 chapters using WordPress:

  1. Voyage of a Pathways Guide
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Tests and Allies
  4. Approaching the Sacred Chamber
  5. Entering the Chamber
  6. Finding the Magic Elixirs
  7. Palaces of Zoom
  8. The Hunt for Zoom Gold

public-speaking-3926344_640My next step was to prepare a speech about my experiences and to deliver that at a club meeting. I delivered this on February 12 at Wangaratta Toastmasters:

Impact of the Voyage of a Pathways Guide  Edit
Effective Coaching #29 – Write a Compelling Blog (2:00-3:00 min)
Deliver a speech about the impact of blogging a minimum of eight blog posts in one month, on either a new blog or an already established blog
Introduction: Reflections on the impact of my summer blog postings – chapters of the Voyage of a Pathways Guide

Right, that concluded my project on Writing a Compelling Blog – or did it?

Next Chapters at CoachCaroleOnline.com

My blog posts in February 2018 included four more chapters of the Voyage of a Pathways Guide, and captured more of my reflections on my learning as a Guide and as a Blogger.

By this time my blogging skills were beginning to improve and I was keen to continue sharing my experiences and advice for other Pathways followers. A plan was emerging! I knew that I could not maintain daily blog posts, so I opted for 2 to 4 posts during the months of February to December 2018. As my club and district duties then ramped up I reset my goalposts and opted for a monthly post in 2019. (Occasionally I posted two – depending on what new learning I had to share.)

July to August postsaugust to october postsoctober to december posts

  1. January: Track Pathways Progress in easy-Speak
  2. February: Reflect on my Path and Personal Eportfolio: Pathways Achievements
  3. March: Guide on the Side and RPL and the Electives
  4. April: What’s New in Pathways Resources
  5. May: Mentoring Pathways Champions
  6. June: Toastmasters in the Cloud and Reflections: D73 Team Pathways
  7. July: Pathways in July: Motivate Others

Why am I telling you all of this?

  1. My reflections on what I have achieved in my blog posts may inspire others who are planning to complete the Level 4 Elective: Write a Compelling Blog.
  2. This post also introduces some new elements for my followers to consider in developing their own ‘blog posts’ and create their own ‘body of work’ as a self-publishing blogger.

Finally: Lessons and Advice from Other Bloggers

David Carr DTM, founder of the Online Presenters Online Advanced club, has provided these lessons and resources on blogging for Toastmasters:

How to Blog for Toastmasters  

How a Blog Makes a Toastmasters Club Website Stronger

Web & Social Tip: Balance Your Use of Images Versus Text and Links

Christian Mihai provides these generic lessons and resources at my favourite blog site
The Art of Blogging’:

How to write a blog post

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

9 Mistakes that will Screw Up your Blog

Are you a Blogger, or Just blogging

Anyone can Blog

How to Stop being the Invisible Blogger

What’s next for me in blogging?

I am going to repeat the project ‘Write a Compelling Blog‘ and this time provide further insight into my other life, that of a genealogist and family historian. During August I will plan my blog posts around my current studies in the  Diploma of Family History at University of Tasmania.

Are you interested in writing a compelling blog? Are you a Toastmaster working at Level 4 in your Path? Would you like some help with this Elective? Comments and feedback welcome here.









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