Voyage of a Pathways Guide

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Voyage of a Pathways Guide

Chapter 1: Call to Adventure

VDT ship view 001

Entry to this wondrous world of Pathways was like being catapulted straight into the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Everything was new and strange! The prickling at the back of my neck told me I was about to start on another fine adventure.

I stepped on board the Pathways Treader and prepared myself for a long voyage across the high seas of excitement, intrigue and wonder. Around me I could see crowds of other Pathways Guides looking just as bewildered as me. Getting my sea legs and settling my nerves I went immediately to the Captain’s cabin for instruction.

Feeling a little bold, I suggested to the PQDs that we the crew, (the PGs) needed to bond. “Could we please have a special place where we could meet online?” I asked cautiously.

Next thing I knew I was in the Facebook lounge of the Region 12’s, floating off the starboard side of the Pathways Treader. More and more PGs were gathering there and networking with one another. Invitations were swiftly distributed among the 125 Pathways Guides and Ambassadors from Districts in Australia and New Zealand.

At times in this adventure things moved at warp speed.

Meeting the Mentor(s)

Back in the Captain’s Cabin, Captain PQD was there to guide me and to provide me with instructions, advice and encouragement. In my case, there were two Captain PQDs – one for each of my assigned kingdoms for guidance. They were both welcoming and supportive and made sure that I had all that I needed to begin my journey.

I needed an itinerary and I needed to understand what I was supposed to do in the early weeks of exploration.

pathways guide handbook

“First thing to do is get the itinerary (Pathways Guide Handbook) and read it.” they both said in unison.

Both PQDs had a very challenging task ahead of them, managing the PGs and monitoring their tasks, and I could see that we were in good hands. I left them to it.

Back in my own cabin, using the shipboard wi-fi, I navigated my way to My Education Transcript, a separate space in the Gateway to Base Camp. I located my handbook and downloaded.

pg handbook chapters

It took a little quiet time in my own cabin aboard the Pathways Treader to get my head around what was involved.

Now I am good learner and I love learning new things by myself, however, I was beginning to get a little anxious as I understood the enormity of what I had signed up for. I really needed a MAP, but that was not available in these early days, and I was not yet aware of the territory in the land of Base Camp! I did not even understand fully what I was about to discover beyond the gateway to Base Camp! All I had at the beginning were the Tablets of Truth found in the great virtual Library next to Base Camp.

tablets of truth

The Tablets came in different formats, such as downloadable text documents and project descriptions, evaluation guides, online classes and videos.

I began to collect a few of these to store in my own cache, and then realized, ‘wait a minute’, the great Library was open all hours and I could access any time I wanted.

Many hours reading and viewing were spent in my cabin, whilst still on the high seas, sailing towards the land of Base Camp. Thankfully wi-fi was strong and free on board the Pathways Treader, and it helped to pass the time.

Crossing the first Threshold

In the distance we could see the Gateway to Base Camp floating like a glass castle on the horizon! I learned earlier that it was possible to enter the Gateway by a secret entrance known only to the Pathways Guides. This learning was handed down to us by the great Navigators at WHQ, who were to become our Guiding Lights in the land of Base Camp. They communicated with all the Pathways Guides electronically and frequently. Their messages and webinars helped a great deal to ensure that we were not alone in our journeys and to empower us in ‘crossing the first threshold’.

My trips to the Gateway of Base Camp were frequent and I began to build my confidence, although it still felt a little bit like – “in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is King”! I was forever gazing at the Gateway and wishing that I could enter the rest of Base Camp just beyond my reach.


Impatient to see beyond what I was permitted to see (because I was not yet initiated into Base Camp properly – rollout for my kingdom was still a long way off) I searched the seas for Pathways Pioneers.

There were whispers among the PGs in the Facebook lounge, legends of an older lady who was blogging about her pioneering in Pathways.

Now this I had to explore!

Segue to Chapter 2: Enlightenment

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Structured beautifully. I enjoy a challenge and the journey I undertook gave me a purpose. My motto is: “CHOOSE A PATH AND I WILL WALK WITH YOU”.
Thank you Lynda Ping Lee.

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