Chapter 2: Enlightenment

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Chapter 2: Enlightenment

Meeting more Mentors

BASE CAMP GETTING STARTEDThe vision beyond the gateway to Base Camp was seductive, I could see the Pathways Pioneers navigating their way along different Paths. Occasionally they would stop to rest and reflect and leave messages – displayed for us on the shared walls of Social Media and Blog worlds – telling their stories and shining a light from their pathways. One such shining light, Queen Julie of the kingdom District 91, was becoming very popular in her blogspot and I became a follower.

A blog follower is one who seeks enlightenment by visiting and reviewing the blog posts of another. It is a common practice for Outlanders.

blog from julieI reviewed a plethora of information and stories of Queen Julie’s experiences in her Paths and was encouraged. I thought that she could be the one to bring enlightenment into Base Camp for me. Queen Julie’s pioneering had become legendary as she hopped from one kingdom to another to practice her skills and activities from her Paths. (Note: In her own kingdom, Pathways was not yet enabled.)

Queen Julie became my mentor and I her protege – a process that I would advocate for other PG warriors. Find another who has been a Pioneer in kingdoms of ‘far, far away’, and together you could provide words of wisdom for others on board the Pathways Treader.

Bringing Queen Julie’s words of wisdom to my fearless band of warriors in the kingdom of District 73, gave us hope – she opened up the inner chambers of the Base Camp so that we could ‘see’. Visions of the Paths and Levels and inner chambers accessible from Base Camp were like lanterns in the dark, lighting our way into strange and foreign lands.

Rhindon sword of king peterLater: Queen Julie’s continued enlightenment for me, as an avid Blogger, helped me to write on the walls of this Blog. My mission was to provide further enlightenment for the PG warriors who came after me. Just like Queen Julie I had found the ‘mighty sword‘ – an ideal way to communicate to the Outlanders. (those not yet Pathways enabled.)

In this case, the ‘wall‘ is mightier than the sword! Here begins the writing of my voyage as a Pathways Warrior.

Call to Action

I had crossed the threshold into a strange, new world! A new adventure back to Outland was pending. Along the way I met with others who gave guidance and enlightenment. I met three kings from ‘far, far away’ – King Mark of District 69; King George of District 57 and King Kevin of District 72. These kings were already skilled in the navigation of Pathways. As seasoned pioneers, they had weathered the stormy seas across the information gap, and entered the inner chambers of Base Camp. King Mark provided some excellent guidelines for me as a Pathways warrior. King Kevin became an ally, a pioneer who had successful navigated the Path that I was keen to follow.

King George became my hero, although he did not know it at the time, and his writings on the wall at District 57  were the lessons I could follow for even greater enlightenment.

google earth my kingdomMy adventures were about to escalate! Each one of the PG warriors were called up on deck as their assignments were given out. Specific remote kingdoms were assigned to me by my PQD Captains. Back in my cabin, I pored over the maps – my kingdoms were spread across the Valleys of the Riverina, Indigo and Hume, in remote corners of North East Outland. Vast areas of travel! My task was to meet the kings and queens of each kingdom and help them spread enlightenment to their people. The map became a portal!

I could feel a tingle in my toes as I was transported to my kingdoms in Outland!

I was eager to begin!

Segue to Chapter 3: Tests and Allies

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