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Who do i think i am?

I am a Family Historian, Genealogist and Educator.
In 2019 I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a
Diploma of Family History and in 2020 began my new venture into
becoming a Family History Educator. (Edupreneur).

In 2003 I traveled back to my homeland in Wales to attend the
first conference for Digital Storytelling and became hooked on this
fascinating technique of telling your family stories.

I am a Toastmaster, Mentor and Coach and have affiliations with clubs across the world. My home club is called Indigo Speakers where we support and encourage personal developoment in public speaking and leadership.

My passion is creating courses for beginner Family Historians; writing stories about my Ancestors and sharing my blog posts with other Genealogists.

Popular Courses

DabbleWriter for Genealogists

DabbleWriter for Genealogists
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