Tracing your Family History?

Do you need help getting started?

“starting your genealogy journey without a plan is like traveling without a map”

Essential Genealogy Journey

Are you ready to begin your genealogy journey?

The first thing to do is to consider what your purpose is in tracing your family history! Consider the various pieces of the puzzle and determine your direction.

The journey of a genealogist can be a long and laborious one, with hours spent poring over old documents in search of long-lost ancestors. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others on their genealogy journey, and sharing the strategies and techniques that I’ve learned along the way.

If you’re looking for guidance and support in planning your family history research, recording and organizing your findings, sharing your research with loved ones, or preserving your family history for future generations, I’m here to help. With my personalized services, you can book a free consultation to learn more about what I can offer and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned genealogy pro, I offer a range of resources and tools to help you enhance your skills and expand your knowledge. My ecourses, templates, podcasts, newsletters, live casts, and webinars are all designed to provide you with the latest insights, tips, and strategies in genealogy and family history research.

And with my focus on preserving family history, you can trust that your hard work and dedication to your ancestors’ stories will be honored and celebrated. Join me on this exciting journey and discover the joys of genealogy and family history research for yourself!

Who are the ancestors in your family tree?

There are several pathways you can take in your genealogy journey to find out more about your ancestors. Take a look at these 20 different elements displayed below and determine where you are.

For more details on each of these head over to the Ancestors in your Family Tree page.

Essential Genealogy - journey for Family Historians

There are many genealogy services available online; something for everyone. If you are seeking some help in the following aspects of genealogy and family history, then you may find my services just right for you. Book some free time with me here and find out what I can do for you.

  1. How to plan your family history research and ancestral storytelling
  2. How to discover your roots with smart research skills and tools
  3. How to record your research and harvest the facts about your ancestors’ lives
  4. How to share your research with family members in short, easily digestible chunks
  5. How to turn your genealogy research into captivating ancestral stories
  6. How to create your ancestral stories as blog posts or digital stories
  7. How to preserve your family history and share it with others


Where to get more help?

You will need help along the way, so do join us in one or more of these Facebook Communities.

Preserving Family History Academy

This treasure trove of courses covers each of these categories and provides a series of self-paced modules to guide you to success.

You will find numerous templates for researching, recording, and writing your stories within the courses. These are easy-to-use documents and provide ideas and online strategies for enhancing your skills in family history.

Essential Genealogist Podcast

In these podcasts, you will find a wide range of interviews and stories from genealogists and authors, who share their expertise in family history, writing, and teaching.

Family History Preserved Community

As a member of the community and mailing list, you will receive newsletters, live casts, and webinars to keep you up-to-date with recommended resources, courses, and videos to assist you in expanding your personal genealogy network.

Several social media sites provide you with access to the latest blog posts, live casts, webinars, tips and services for Essential Genealogists. These communities of interest, provide opportunities for discussions on your family history research issues and a place to share your ancestral stories.

Essential Genealogist Community

This growing community of enthusiastic genealogists and family historians offers the following:

  • support for those who are hooked on preserving their family history. The latest buzz in the community is all about AI-Assisted Genealogy. We are learning how to prompt meaningful responses from Chat GPT, one of the new large language models in Artificial Intelligence.
  • invitations to participate in FREE courses, 5-day, and 10-day challenges, and full courses in Genealogy Research and Family History storytelling through blogging
  • discussions on the use of Digital Storytelling methods of preserving family histories for Family Historians, Oral Historians, Community Storytellers, and Genealogists.
  • free webinar events to help you explore the smart ways to ‘do genealogy’ or ‘write family history’ with invited guest genealogists.
  • shared practical tips for family history research 
  • shared advice on preserving family history with digital stories
  • harvested helpful resources for storyboarding a digital story; 
  • discussions and ideas on writing stories of significant ancestors
  • shared strategies for the art of digital storytelling in a social collaborative network.
  • Do you get overwhelmed with the choices available in your Genealogy adventures?
  • Do you often forget where and when you found that really important link, article, post, or connection to another Genealogist?
This PGN Challenge will help you to build your Personal Genealogy Network in 10 days. In this group, you can connect with other enthusiastic Genealogists seeking other Genealogists to add to their Personal Genealogy Network.

Get Started on Your Journey! Plan your Genealogy Research

Start planning your genealogy research the S.M.A.R.T. way, enrol in the FREE course.

5-day challenge: S.M.A.R.T. Genealogy Planner

Discover Your Roots: Build Your Family Tree

Getting started in genealogy?

Discover Your Roots: 30-Day Guide to Building Your Family Tree

Affordable Genealogy: Mastering Online Family Tree Platforms 

Using Artificial Intelligence tools to Assist your Research

Organise your Genealogy Research

This course features my recommended strategies for organising your genealogy research and easy steps for managing your ancestral records.

This course includes a new module focussed on using AI assisted research with Chat GPT.

Enrol here to maximise your skills in organising your genealogy research.

Share your Family Stories: From Ancestry to Narrative Blogging with AI

30-Day Challenge: Writing Family History with AI.

The course that will help you turn your genealogical research into captivating family stories.

In this course you will learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to help you prepare and write your ancestral stories.

Enrol in this course to fine-tune your story writing skills and share your family stories in blogs and other formats.

Who do i think i am?

I am a Family Historian, Genealogist, and Educator.
In 2019 I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Diploma of Family History and in 2020 began my new venture into becoming a Family History Educator. (Edupreneur).

In 2003 I traveled back to my homeland in Wales to attend the first conference for Digital Storytelling and became hooked on the fascinating technique of telling your family stories.

I am a Toastmaster, Mentor and Coach and have affiliations with clubs across the world. My home club is called Indigo Speakers where we support and encourage personal developoment in public speaking and leadership.

My passion is creating courses for beginner Family Historians; writing stories about my Ancestors and sharing my blog posts with other Genealogists.

Recommended Affiliate Courses

Blogging Bootcamp with Sarah Cordiner:

30-Day Challenge To Start, Build & Blow-Up Your Blog!

Find out more about my services here!

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