Digital Storytelling



Digital Storytelling changes lives, perceptions and people.
This effective art form can be used to capture oral history for your family and community.


Do you want to record your own family histories?
Do you wish to help a family or community member to tell their stories?
Do you have a passion for storytelling?
Do you want to join a self-paced online course?

Digital Storytelling for Family Historians 2020!

Special 2020 Enrolments plus Payments in Instalments

New Reduced Price extended until 30 June 2020!

$75.00 US

Do you want to learn how to use digital recording for your Oral History projects?

Do you want to help someone preserve their life stories in authentic voice?
Do you want to learn how to use simple software to create a Digital Story?

Do you have a group who want to learn with you?

Join the Digital Storytelling Online Community

Story Circle Workshops in real time sessions!
Download the flyer here:
Dear Family Historian V5

Digital Storytelling Webinar available!

Keep up-to-date for DST webinars in 2020 by subscribing to my blog!

Want to Join me in a Zoom Meeting?
Contact me here please!


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