in the
Past Lane

What is your family story? Which ancestor? Find the story line?

‘Your ancestors will reveal their stories when the time is right.’

Where will you setup your Blog? How will you create your posts?

‘Each time you blog about your ancestors you share another piece of your family history.’

Blogging in the Past Lane means posting stories about your Ancestors into your blog. 

You don’t need to be a genealogist or even a family historian, you may just want to preserve the stories of your family for your family. 

Here’s an easy recipe for success in preserving your stories in a blog, 10 easy lessons contained in 4 self-paced modules.

This short course will provide you with a formula for each step in the process of preparing, writing and sharing your family stories using your computer or mobile device and how to post in your Blog.

Bonus segments are added to the course frequently.

The course includes free worksheets and checklists to help plan your family history ancestral stories.

10 easy lessons on preparing, writing and sharing family history blog posts

The Top 10 Family History Blog Questions:

  1. How do I choose the right blogging platform?
  2. How do I find other Family History blogs?
  3. How do I get support from other Geneabloggers?
  4. How do I create my Family History Blog site?
  5. How do I plan my Blog Schedule?
  6. How do I plan the content of my Family Story Blog posts?
  7. How do I write my Blog Post Content?
  8. How do I add photos and images to my Blog posts?
  9. How do I Publish my Blog posts?
  10. How do I Share my Blog posts to my social media?

And guess what?

ALL these questions are answered in the  Blogging in the Past Lane course

Please check it soon –  bonus lessons are added there from time to time.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to Blogging in the Past Lane

  • How to use this course


  • Choose a Blog Platform

  • Explore Family History Blogs

  • Bonus: How to Find Helpful Geneabloggers

  • Create your Family History Blog site



  • How to Plan your Family History Blog Schedule

  • How to Write your Family History Blog Post Content

  • Download your Family History Blog Checklist

  • Bonus: How to find Blog Writing Prompts


  • How to Publish Posts in your Blog : Blogger

  • How to Publish Posts in your Blog : WordPress

  • Bonus: How to share your blog post to Social Media


  • Extra Resource: Know your Ancestor Data Sheet

  • Your feedback please

  • But Wait, There’s More: Consider the Family Story Magic course!


  • Proceed to the Advanced Lane

  • Do you want to dig deeper and Create more Family Stories? Enrol in the ‘How to Create Family Stories’ course!

  • Need help with your Research or Story Writing? Would you like to book an appointment with me?

  • Keep Up-to-Date by subscribing to Family History Preserved Blogs

The course offers you access to a Public and Private social media community to share your progress.

For more information and access to Essential Habits for Genealogists – view these short Live Cast video tips.

Here’s a collection from the course to view – see below.

Years ago I was not confident to share my family history stories and I kept them in handwritten or typed form in my folders and journals. I was not sure if my writing was good enough or engaging enough to draw in readers to the content.

Over the last few years I have been digging deeper into my ancestral stories and finding new ways to plan, plot, write, illustrate and publish them to share with others.

The process for planning, plotting, writing and sharing stories in my blogs was something I wanted to share with others. So, I developed the Blogging in the Past Lane with beginners in mind. My free course Blogging in the Past Lane, containing 10 steps to success in blogging your ancestral stories, will help you get started on this fascinating journey.

You will be able to develop a blog site, write blog posts and share.

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