Family Story Magic

Family Story Magic introduces the Trello Board for Ancestral Cards. The sequential self-paced modules step through the process of researching, plotting, writing, and sharing stories. The lessons provide insight, advice, instructions and resources.

Ancestral Cards

Learn how to use Trello boards

In this course i show you how to setup your Ancestral Cards using Trello.com

Family History Magic

Featuring Ancestral Cards

Family History Magic provides instructions on how to create, share and collaborate on Ancestral Cards. You will receive the Ancestral Card Workbook to download and print for your reference.

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Course Curriculum


  • Introduction: Know your Ancestor

  • Lesson 1: Trace your Ancestor

  • Lesson 2: Find out more about your ancestor

  • Lesson 3: Locate treasures for your Ancestor

  • Lesson 4: Create your Ancestral Cards

  • Lesson 5: Set your story in time

  • Lesson 6: Interview a living relative

  • Bonus 1: Discuss your story (Optional: book a time with me)

  • Fillable Workbook Embedded


  • Introduction: Prepare your story outline

  • Lesson 1: Design the story

  • Lesson 2: Plot Story Threads and Treasures

  • Lesson 3: Expand your Ancestral Card

  • Lesson 4: Final steps for your story

  • Lesson 5: Write your Ancestral Story

  • Lesson 6: Read your story out loud

  • Bonus 2: Oral history of your Ancestors


  • Introduction: Storing and Sharing Stories

  • Lesson 1: Create a story collection library

  • Lesson 2: Organise your story Collections

  • Lesson 3: Upload stories to your collection library

  • Lesson 4: Manage your Story collection library

  • Lesson 5: Share your story collection

  • Bonus 3: Discuss your collection library with me (Optional: Book a time with me.)


  • Congrats! Here’s what’s next…

  • More resources for you

  • Your Testimonial

  • Sign Up Form for Family History Preserved Webinar Series

  • Keep Up-to-Date by subscribing to Family History Preserved Blogs

Doing the fun research is one thing, and is a most enjoyable task.

  • Writing up the story for that ancestor can be a challenging process.

In this course you will gain confidence in the art of storifying your ancestors.

Think beyond the written word and use photographs to prompt a story. Storyboarding with those images is a fun way to tell a story. In this course you can use storyboarding to plan a photo story.

View this Live Cast Video Tutorial for help in Storyboarding with Canva.com.

Choose the Who, What, Where, How and Why paragraph content to get started.

Progress to a story set in time by rounding out the context, the background and the historical backdrop for the era.

Use old maps and documents to plot the journey of your ancestor in time.

Create a fun slide show of your old photographs – now and then strategy – add a colourised version next to the sepia or black & white photo and animate. 

Add your story to your blog or share with your social media followers.

Getting organised to plot your ancestral stories. Why not try planning which ancestors you want to write about with this free Ancestral Record Sheet – Family Group.

Both the Ancestral Card Workbook and Ancestral Record Sheet are downloadable from the course Family Story Magic.

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