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Essential Tips for Genealogists 2023

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Essential Habits for Genealogists:
30 Tips for 2021

Tip 1: Ways to Preserve Family History

Tip 2: How to Plan your Research

Tip 3: How the Internet Helps

Tip 4: How to use Ancestry Online

Tip 5: How to use Ancestry on iPad

Tip 6: How to get help in Finding Your Ancestors from the Experts

Tip 7: How to find Lessons in Genealogy from experts in YouTube

Tip 8: How to keep Research Notes

Tip 9: How to Explore each Source

Tip 10: How to Expand Your Research

Tip 11: How to Find Ancestors in the News

Tip 12: How to Find Free BMD Records

Tip 13: How to Find Free Research Websites

Tip 14: How to use Trello for Ancestry Cards

Tip 15: How to Dig Up Your Ancestral Story

Tip 16: How to find helpful Geneabloggers

Tip 17: How to find Genealogy Communities

Tip 18: How to use Canva to create Image Collages

Tip 19: How to Write, Store and Share Stories in the Cloud

Tip 20: How to download and create a tree in Legacy 9

Tip 21a: How to search for Death Notices

Tip 21b: How to find Death Notices using the Reyerson Index

Tip 22: How to fix Family Tree Problems

Tip 23: How to search for Family Immigration

Tip 24: How to Storyboard in Word

Tip 25: How to Storyboard in PowerPoint

Tip 26: How to Storyboard in Canva

Tip 27: How to Plot in DabbleWriter

Tip 28: How to Write with DabbleWriter

Tip 29: How to get help from experts in writing family history stories

Tip 30: How to get free courses, paid courses and bundles of courses 

Interviews with Genealogist Val Wilkinson

Tip 31 : How to verify the data for your ancestor using primary sources?

Tip 32 : How to Rebuild your Family Tree with Confidence

Tip 33 : How to use the Biographical Database Australia 

Tip 34 : How to use TROVE for Family History Research

Tip 35 : How to use the Ryerson Index

Tips for Genealogy Research 2022

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Tips for Ancestral Storytelling 2022

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Live Cast Tips 2022

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