I am a Family Historian, Genealogist and Educator.

I have always been addicted to genealogy and being a family history detective. In 2019 I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Diploma of Family History and in 2020 began my new venture into becoming a Family History Educator. (Edupreneur).

In 2003 I traveled back to my homeland in Wales to attend the first conference for Digital Storytelling and became hooked on this fascinating technique of telling your family stories.

Since then I have developed several courses in my
CoachCaroleOnline school school and offer insights into the
mysteries of family history magic in webinars, blogs and

I have created my first ebook called Storifying your Ancestors. Find out more about that at my Author Page at Amazon.

I am now enjoying a new adventure in creating podcasts with other genealogists and storytellers. Loving the new adventure of networking with and finding out more about those who revel in the art of storytelling.

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Professional Biography!

I am currently focused on Creative Writing, Family History and Course Development from my desk in my home office.

As I am now retired from E-learning for Educators I am focussing on the following Edupreneurial pursuits:

For more of my sites and ways to connect with me, please visit my Linktree.

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