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You know that you want to succeed in your genealogy journey! You need a pathway to that success! Level Up and join the Preserving Family History Academy Membership.

How will membership help?

Membership of the Preserving Family History Academy helps you move 


  • feeling lost and overwhelmed at the start of your genealogy research
  • feeling scared and unsure of the daunting process of finding your ancestors in the archives
  • feeling scattered and confused about how to effectively preserve your family history
  • feeling unable to see you way clearly in leaving a legacy for your family


  • feeling clear and focussed about your research plan and genealogy destination
  • feeling confident in using online tools to trace your ancestors
  • becoming a skilled and confident family history detective
  • able to leave a legacy of family history trees and stories for your descendants
The courses and resources in the Academy provide a step-by-step approach to your genealogy journey, one that you can dip into at your own pace and in your own time. Your monthly membership puts you firmly in the driver’s seat to safely and skilfully navigate your way from Essential Genealogist to Family History Detective.

It does not matter which month you choose to join, everything is available for you in the membership vault, to start at any point and any time.

What is the Preserving Family History Academy Membership

A bundle of 20 courses, 3 ebooks, 3 communities and 2 collections of up-to-date resources to get you started in Genealogy.
 plus you will have access to regular masterclasses scheduled throughout the year just for members.
Courses and other resources are frequently added to this bundle for you each year. in february/march 2023 look for the following new items:



for just
$37 US per month.

Membership of the Essential Genealogist’s Journey gives you access to everything forever at the small monthly cost of $37. This price was recently increased as my courses have grown to 20+, so get in now to lock in your membership at this price.

If you are also interested in getting a discount coupon for the Membership, please contact me here:
coachcarole70 @ gmail.com 

This Membership is specifically designed to support Essential Genealogists at the beginning of their journey to move forward confidently to become skilled Family History Detectives.

Who are Essential Genealogists?

  • You are an Essential Genealogist if you want to trace your family history and build your family tree.
  • You are an Essential Genealogist if you want to plan your genealogy research smartly to achieve success.
  • You are an Essential Genealogist if you are passionate about finding out about your ancestors and telling their stories.
Who are Family History Detectives?

A Family History Detective is a true sleuth of the past! This intrepid researcher is skilled at uncovering the hidden stories and long-forgotten details that make up our family histories. They are experts at digging through dusty archives, poring over ancient documents, and piecing together clues to create a vivid and detailed picture of our ancestors’ lives.

The Family History Detective is like a historical gumshoe, following leads, tracing lineages, and uncovering the mysteries that lie at the heart of our family trees. They are able to decode old handwriting, navigate the often-confusing landscape of genealogy research, and connect the dots that link us to our ancestors.

With their expert knowledge and tenacious spirit, the Family History Detective is capable of unearthing incredible stories and fascinating details about our family histories. They can reveal surprising connections and reveal the rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped our families over time.

You will also have access to a brand new FaceBook private group designed especially for Members of the Academy.



Access your Private Community Membership Group

This new Facebook group is now open for all new members of the Preserving Family History Membership Vault.

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Who is the Academy for?

The Preserving Family History Academy was built with the beginner genealogist in mind, someone who is at the beginning of their journey into this huge world of genealogy.

When I first began my journey into genealogy I was bewildered and a bit lost. There is just so much information on the internet about family history that it became overwhelming. But piece by piece, and many years of trial and error, I have researched my maternal and paternal ancestors and told their stories in my blog posts.

I was a novice at researching and made many mistakes along the way; I wished I had known of an academy that could take me step by step on my chosen journey. I have taken many online courses over the last few years, and while they help me learn some valuable skills and strategies, they were one off and did not really lead me on to my life goals in leaving a legacy of family history for my descendants.

I did not know what I wanted to know back then, it was like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the box cover image. My journey was slow and frustrating initially, but then I completed a Diploma in Family History at the University of Tasmania in 2019 and an idea began to grow.

You see I had always wanted to start my own school – I am a teacher by profession and have taught students in secondary, tertiary and community learning centres. I wanted to build a school for genealogists and share my knowledge and strategies, built over time, to help others become confident family history detectives.

The Preserving Family History Academy began in 2020 with just one course, Digital Storytelling for Family Historians, and now it has grown to include 18 courses.

Membership Benefits

Below is a bunch of benefits you’ll get from joining my Membership!

Joining a genealogy learning academy can provide a comprehensive and structured approach to learning genealogy, as well as opportunities to connect with other genealogists, build your skills, and access valuable resources and support.

When you join the Preserving Family History Academy you will immediately gain these benefits

  1. Guidance for your journey into genealogy from early steps in planning your research all the way to writing and sharing your family stories.
  2. Learning opportunities that are based on my own genealogy practices over several decades.
  3. Convenient access to the latest topics, tips and strategies from my research into available genealogy sites, communities, blogs, and social media groups across the field of family history.
  4. Save you time in your genealogy journey by avoiding common mistakes and getting straight to tasks in preserving your family history.
  5. Save you money for your genealogy pursuits – a budget right ticket for membership of a growing community.
  6. Keep you up-to-date with the latest in genealogy resources and tools to help build your own Personal Genealogy Network.
  7. Challenge you to achieve your goals in preserving your family history and support you on that journey in real time and any time. Personal encouragement through your involvement in the membership group and community online is a strong drawcard.
  8. Access to advice from leading genealogists across the world through podcasts and live casts; specialist group events; YouTube video tutorials and other free resources.
  9. Opportunities to share your genealogy journey with others like you; social learning in communities and masterclasses. A sense of belonging.
  10. Tips from me on how to make the best use of technology in your genealogy journey. From using Google Docs and Trello Boards, to using the latest Artificial Intelligence tools to help with your writing.
  11. Opportunities to attend workshops, webinars, and other educational events, which can provide a more immersive learning experience for you, with opportunities to ask questions and interact with experts and other genealogists.
  12. Discounted access to my time for personal coaching.


What are essential genealogists like you, seeking when joining an academy like this?

Here are some additional things that essential genealogists may be seeking when joining a genealogy learning academy:

  1. A structured learning program or curriculum that provides a clear path for developing skills and knowledge in genealogy
  2. Guidance on using DNA testing and analysis for genealogy research
  3. Assistance with navigating and understanding historical records, such as census data, land records, and wills
  4. Help with overcoming research obstacles and breaking through brick walls in their family trees
  5. Learning about research methodologies and strategies for conducting effective genealogy research
  6. Assistance with organization and record-keeping, including guidance on selecting software and tools for genealogy management
  7. Learning about the latest genealogy research techniques and trends, such as genetic genealogy, social history, and collaborative research
  8. Opportunities to participate in genealogy-related events, such as conferences and seminars, and to connect with other genealogists, researchers, and experts in the field
  9. Opportunities to give back to the genealogy community through volunteering or participating in projects that help preserve and share family history
  10. Access to resources and tools for preserving and sharing family history, such as online publishing, digitization, and storytelling platforms.

Essential Genealogists are seeking a wide range of resources, guidance, and support when joining a genealogy learning academy, therefore my goal is to provide a comprehensive and tailored offering, to make it attractive to you.


What skills will you need to develop to move from Zero to Hero?

If you’re a new genealogist looking to develop the essential skills to succeed in your research, here are 12 key areas to focus on:

  1. Research planning and organization – developing a research plan and staying organized is critical to keeping track of the many sources, documents, and details involved in genealogy research.
  2. Record analysis and interpretation – knowing how to evaluate and interpret historical records, including vital records, census data, and wills, is an essential skill for genealogists.
  3. Citation and documentation – accurately citing sources and documenting research findings is important for maintaining credibility and building on previous research.
  4. DNA analysis and interpretation – understanding DNA testing, how to interpret the results, and how to use them to identify ancestors and verify family connections is an increasingly important skill in genealogy research.
  5. Problem-solving – genealogists must be able to analyze complex problems, identify potential solutions, and adapt their research strategies as needed.
  6. Historical context – understanding historical events, trends, and social norms that may have influenced our ancestors’ lives is an important skill for genealogists.
  7. Paleography – the ability to read and understand old handwriting is critical for interpreting many historical records.
  8. Online research – with an increasing number of genealogy resources available online, mastering the skills of online research, including how to use search engines, databases, and online archives, is important.
  9. Communication – effectively communicating research findings, collaborating with others, and sharing knowledge and insights is essential for building relationships and advancing research.
  10. Technology – keeping up with the latest technology and tools, including genealogy software, online resources, and mobile apps, can help genealogists work more efficiently and effectively.
  11. Project management – managing research projects, setting priorities, and tracking progress are important skills for genealogists, especially when working on complex research problems.
  12. Continuing education – genealogy research is an ever-evolving field, and staying current on the latest research techniques, tools, and trends is critical for success.

By developing these essential skills, new genealogists can build a strong foundation for their research, gain confidence, and continue to grow and develop their skills over time.

In the Preserving Family History Academy I focus on providing advice, tips, resources, courses, one-to-one coaching sessions, group masterclasses to help you gain these skills.


Plus your own Membership Community

Masterclass Schedule for Members

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have access to everything in the Academy for my Membership?



YES. Your membership entitles you to access all courses, resources, ebooks etc plus the extra MasterClasses..



When the Membership price goes up, will my membership monthly payments change?



NO. When you join the Membership you lock in the price that you first joined with.



What is the refund policy on Membership?



When you join the Membership you pay one month fee up front. If you wish to discontinue your membership, you can do that at any time. Automatic payments will then cease.



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