Chapter 6: Finding the Magic Elixirs

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Chapter 6: Finding the Magic Elixirs

My explorations of the chamber, and the many rooms in the levels, revealed the elegant grandeur and depth of this wondrous land of Base Camp. All was proceeding well, until I was confronted by a dragon. I had lost my focus for awhile, just enjoying the adventure for myself, forgetting that I had still a long way to go to reach the end. This dragon appeared before me and caught my eye as I was about to enter the Hall of Transcripts once more. His domain was my salvation – it was here that I was reminded of my role as Virtual Support person for the peoples in my kingdoms.

The Navigator Dragon

navigator dragonAs I tried to cut corners in Cornerstone territory, I encountered the six headed Navigator Dragon who lived in this lesser frequented zone. He had obviously been disgruntled with my lack of attention to him and his domain. It took me all my powers of interpersonal communication (or should I say inter-dragonal communication) to calm him down in an attempt to avoid his fiery breath. The solution for taming this beast was to show him I cared. I had heard about his domain from the Guardians but was non-committal about taking their advice.

Here in the domain of the Navigator, I found many Elixirs of different shapes and properties. I wished I had taken the Elixir Gate to this domain right at the beginning.

work in my projectsOnce I realized that each of the containers contained many choices I was enlightened once again. The light bulb in my brain was flashing blue. My lesson for the day was well learned. The Navigator Elixirs are exactly what I was meant to be searching for. I must send my people from the kingdom of District 73 to the domain of the Navigator for a dose of his Elixirs.

There are six Elixirs to choose from. There are also extra FAQs in the tail end of this domain.

As I became a more frequent visitor to his domain, and told others about it too, his attention left me and he focused on other Pathway warriors, who were also avoiding him unknowingly.

gateway to the navigator

I need to leave a trail of directions to this domain for others to follow! These are important signposts, but not always recognized for where they lead you.


The gateway to the domain of the Navigator Dragon (also known as the Elixir Gate) is the one you should enter frequently.

Onward now to the floating palace of Zoom where I will deliver my Virtual Support Sessions to  the Kings and Queens in my kingdoms.

Segue to Chapter 7: The Palace of Zoom


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