Chapter 7: Palaces of Zoom

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Chapter 7: Palaces of Zoom

Meetups in the Cloud!

palace of zoom 1The Pathways warriors have sailed the seas of mystery, crossed the information gap and scaled the walls of Base Camp.

They have banded together in their writing on the walls in Outland – bringing wisdom and intrigue to those who follow. And now many are ready to open up their Palaces of Zoom – awe-inspiring communities in the cloud(s) where warriors and Outlanders can meet together in collaborative harmony.

Far away from the bustling crowds of Base Camp, many palaces have been appearing off the port bow of the Pathways Treader. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Each one is flying the banners of their own kingdoms and bringing in their eager followers. I must speak with the other warriors about their Palaces, and harvest their wisdom.

How are they enticing, inviting and engaging their people in their palaces?

Collaborating with the Clans!

prawns on barbieIn this Voyage, I have learned many lessons about my role in leading the people of my Kingdoms to Base Camp. The old saying is true ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink’. The biggest lesson yet is about TIMING! There is no point in attempting a journey of this magnitude in the wrong season! Right now it is summer in my Kingdoms and the people are still in holiday mode. Even today they are celebrating their national day with traditional meetups and sharing of food.

The other lesson is one I have learned many times in the past: when leading any community, first gain the trust of the people. Make an effort to create a relationship with leaders of the Kingdoms and to help form them into groups based on suitable criteria; such as geography or existing relationships. Ask them what they fear, what they cherish and what they desire! Give them a reason to network across the boundaries of their clans.

This is not a crusade involving loss of face, limb or life! It is not my job to wield a sword of valour, nor to force compliance. People always have choice!

Some of the clans in my assigned Kingdoms are isolated from other remote clans and are often not ready to collaborate across their boundaries. They have their own cultures and practices; they have shared values and achievements; and they have often needed to compete with other clans for their very existence. A gathering of the clans is called for! I need to unite the clans of Hume, Riverina and Indigo with the clans of inner Melbourne. Yes my Kingdoms assignment has expanded and there are new relationships for me to initiate.

Proclamations across the Kingdoms announce the special events at the Palace!

palace of zoom invite

Getting the word out to the people requires ingenuity and determination! Sending direct messages works best. I needed to reach beyond the walls of Outland and use the traditional methods of communication. Getting them to attend requires inspiration and gentle persuasion!

Often it takes a leap of faith for the followers to venture into these strange realms,  So far the traffic to my palace has been quality not quantity. I needed more ‘scouts’ and ‘champions’ to spread the invite by word of mouth. Once they reach the Palace of Zoom they will be amazed and encouraged by the friendly welcome from the Palace Host(s). They can experience the wonder of ‘spanning the boundaries’ between clans whilst in the cloud. First I have to entice them there!

Best for me to speak with the early adopters (the BCMs) and have them recruit eager followers. Dig down to the basic needs for education about the land of Base Camp and let them make their own decisions. Plan to show them what’s new and exciting; what’s different and challenging; and plan to reassure them of what remains the same.

Other strategies evolve as I consult my mentors!

Exotic Adventures!

rainbow mountain
One of the most magnificent geologic features in the world is the Ausangate Mountain of the Peruvian Andes. The mountain is striped with colors ranging from turquoise to lavender to maroon and gold. … The painted Ausangate mountain is also considered to be holy and believed to be the deity of Cusco by local Peruvians.

Who could resist an opportunity to travel to exotic places? Often such places are not even dreamed about, let alone on their itinerary for travel. Just like the Rainbow Mountains, that I  discovered in my wanderings across the internet deserts.

People have been travelling to this remote part of Outland for a glimpse of a unique geologic phenomena – the natural colored mountains in the kingdom of Peru.

The colours, the majesty and the breathtaking views across this magnificent landscape draw visitors in. I need a ‘Rainbow Mountain’ – a ZoomGate for the people to visit. Something with all the colour and excitement of the new without the need for hard work.

Showcase the Palace of Zoom with its own colour, majesty and community.

Intrepid exploration, a feature on the journey to the Palace of Zoom, will provide the hook to entice the people to the special events (VSS). Some have never ventured outside of their own kingdom before let alone teleported to anything in the cloud. This requires a whole new approach!

Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold



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“The other lesson is one I have learned many times in the past: when leading any community, first gain the trust of the people. Make an effort to create a relationship ” – indeed! But how you do that? How can the personal relationship be created to have “direct access” ?

Love also the intro to the Zoom-land!

So much creativity in a post!

Is “clan” a “club” ?

For the Pathways Guide or Ementor, relationship building across geographic boundaries relies on having a strong ‘online presence’, a consistent ‘voice’ and a ‘service leadership’ approach. Be willing to work with individuals online at times to suit them too.

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