Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

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Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

The path to the Palace of Zoom is paved with gold; the golden icons of desire. The people of my kingdoms are beginning to make this mysterious journey to a place they’ve never been before. They are seeking enlightenment and must find the golden icons to turn on the light. Come with them on their journey – their hunt for Zoom Gold.

Stepping Offworld!

There is fear and trepidation as you step off your familiar grounded world in Outland and venture into the strange places of the unknown. Time is needed for your confidence to grow. Adding a common goal for you all, will provide the fun element!

Here’s the plan! Harvest the golden icons as you navigate the path to Zoom Gate!

  1. Travel to my Learning about Zoom page and locate the videos and tutorials to find the icons that will help you in reaching, testing and participating in Zoom sessions.
  2. Travel to my Virtual Support Sessions page and locate the slides and recordings of the virtual support session already completed.Bring your findings to the next VSS and share their impact on your preparedness.
  3. Travel to the next Virtual Support Session and participate in a new experience of support training, education and networking online.
  4. Now try some Cloud hopping and participate in other events; for instance the online Toastmasters Events from D91, and other special Pathways focused online events in your own district. If you are not yet using social media to expand your knowledge base, try adding your District Facebook group to your frequently visited places online. Events in Facebook provide a simple to use RSVP option and reminders are built in.
  5. Expand your knowledge base, and keep current with the ‘latest’ developments in the realm of educational technology. One solution is ‘webinars’. These online seminars are time efficient, relevant, inexpensive [often free] and cutting edge [for the most part].

Continue as a Cloud Warrior!

Now that you have prepared yourself and your computer device; updated your schedule and you have participated in a Zoom session; settle in for the next two months as we explore the wonders of Base Camp and listen to the wisdom of the crowd,  through virtual support sessions in my Zoom room.

Experience Toastmaster style learning workshops online. Let’s ramp this up a little and bring in the wisdom of this crowd – your wisdom and your experiences would be valued as ‘guest segments’ in my VSS.

Here’s an opportunity for you to contribute as a speaker, facilitator or impromptu speaker in a workshop designed for maximum interaction. What’s your specialty in Pathways; what new resources and ideas would you like to share with others in the workshop?

Take another huge leap of faith and consider Zoom workshops for your club training and executive meetings!

Do you want more information on setting up Zoom for yourself; how to run an online meeting in Zoom; and how to visit other clubs virtually in Zoom?

  1. Challenge yourself now and consider how you could use Zoom to conduct your club’s educationals and other training on special days in the month, eg 5th Tuesdays etc. This strategy might just save time and space in your busy meeting agendas.
  2. Challenge yourself again and consider how you could use Zoom to conduct your club’s executive meetings instead of travelling to a venue on a dark night on country roads. Certainly an appealing option in the cold winter months in Outland.
  3. Challenge for the fearless explorers now hooked on Zoom, consider visiting an online Toastmasters club meeting in Zoom. Participate in an online meeting of one of the 17 Online Clubs, and use your new skills as an onliner.

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My Journey as a Pathways Guide continues now in Outland where things are beginning to return to normal! Or are they?

Call to Action!

If you have enjoyed the 8 chapters in the Voyage of a Pathways Guide please leave a comment – a short testimonial on what engaged you and what helped prepare you for your journey as a Pathways Guide?

This was an experiment in ‘Writing a Compelling Blog’ – an Elective from Pathways. Your contributions (as comments) will be helpful in presenting a short speech about my experiences in the process.

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