Episode 2: Seven Essential Ingredients

In Episode 1 we considered how to choose the story to tell; who it is about, its scope and why it is important to tell. Our families have roots that stretch back in time to other places and other dimensions - the past lives of our ancestors have had their impact on us. Family History is … Continue reading Episode 2: Seven Essential Ingredients

Episode 1: How to choose your story?

Digital Storytelling Online helps you to create a Digital Story including voice recordings, a storyboard of digitized memorabilia and the combination of both into an oral history video using simple software. Digital Storytelling Tips! Episode 1: How to choose your story? In this episode I help you to answer these framing questions! Who or what … Continue reading Episode 1: How to choose your story?

Digital Storytelling Tips

Are you a family history storyteller? Do you tell digital stories of your ancestors? Where do those stories come from? How do you create and share them? My aim this month is to provide five specialist tips for your digital storytelling projects! Episode 1: How to choose your story? Episode 2: How to create your … Continue reading Digital Storytelling Tips

Pathways Updates Podcast: Episode 1

Base Camp Changes Members will now be able to view projects in all Levels in their Path. Listen to a summary of this change in Episode 1 of the Pathways Updates Podcast below. [/audio Want to know more? View the recording of this Zoom session: "Base Camp Updates: Impact, Implications and Insights" Episode 13: Tuesday … Continue reading Pathways Updates Podcast: Episode 1

Pathways Orientation

What would you include in a Pathways Orientation for Toastmasters just beginning their journey in Pathways? This is a question that arises often in Pathways Training sessions and this week I have been thinking about what to include. On the one hand it would be best not to overwhelm with too many printed items. On … Continue reading Pathways Orientation

Pathways in July: Motivate Others

What a month of frenetic activity around Pathways as club executives changeover and new Base Camp Managers emerge. The changeover also meant that many new VP Education officers sought help in managing their easy-Speak club sites; a series of requests for help come across my desk in that period of time. Meanwhile the D73 Team … Continue reading Pathways in July: Motivate Others

Reflections: D73 Team Pathways

How have you progressed in your Pathways journey(s)? I have asked myself that question several times this year, as I move deeper into my role as D73 Pathways Coordinator. In this post I will unpack from this journey and share the lessons learned. We established a team of Pathways Champions who were tasked with providing … Continue reading Reflections: D73 Team Pathways

Toastmasters in the Cloud

Thousands of Toastmasters across the globe have been 'walking the Path' in the cloud! They have been on the trail since their access was rolled out in their Districts! Pathways Champions are ahead of the crowd now, reaching the pinnacles of success along the trail. You can find out how clubs, divisions and districts are … Continue reading Toastmasters in the Cloud

What’s New in Pathways Resources?

What do you need right now to help other club members to: enrol in a Path assist other members to enrol in a Path master your own journey through Base Camp assist other members to master their journeys improve your ability to plan ahead and track progress assist another member to plan ahead and progress … Continue reading What’s New in Pathways Resources?

Guide on the Side

Are you looking for that essential 'guide on the side'? A tool that will help you unravel all the mystique of your Pathways Experience, and lead you to a new confidence level in learning online. Perhaps you're an independent learner and you want to master your online learning for yourself. Or you are VP Education looking … Continue reading Guide on the Side