Pathways Orientation

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Pathways Orientation

What would you include in a Pathways Orientation for Toastmasters just beginning their journey in Pathways?

This is a question that arises often in Pathways Training sessions and this week I have been thinking about what to include. On the one hand it would be best not to overwhelm with too many printed items. On the other hand it would be practical to include a variety of resources to suit the learning styles of your members. Some like to watch video tutorials in their own time; others like to attend face-to-face hands-on training sessions and others want access to resources on a ‘help yourself’ basis.

pathways orientationThere are three initial things that a Toastmaster will be considering for their orientation:

  1. How to get started with Pathways Online!
  2. How to identify and achieve personal goals!
  3. How to choose a Path that meets those goals!

My first recommendation is to instruct the Toastmaster to access Toastmasters.org and review the Pathways Learning Experience.

My second recommendation is to ensure that the Toastmaster can login at Toastmasters International and access their personal profile page to perform these tasks:

  • view The Navigator
  • choose a New Path
  • go to Base Camp
  • edit contact information and privacy

My recommendation for running an introduction workshop on Pathways is to present these slides from Michael Clancy on Pathways Commitment.

Pathways Committment Final 

Or watch the recording of his presentation here: https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/video-tutorials 

Share with the group these slides from George Marshall, D57 and distribute this one page handout that displays the required projects for each Path.

How to Pick a Path-9

Paths required projects 1.1

My recommendation for things to include in a Pathways Orientation Kit are as follows:

Copy of the Icebreaker Project



My recommendation for things to include as the Toastmaster makes progress in their Path:

Pathways Resource Flier from D73 Pathways Coordinator


For ongoing, just-in-time training and networking with other international Pathways enthusiasts you could also recommend Toastmasters to attend or review any of the regularly scheduled Pathways one-hour webinars called Tuesday Talks n’ Tips. This series of events is hosted by Global Trainers Online and represents a plethora of easy to access information, collaboration and presentation from several international Pathways Champions. Look for the recordings here: https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/pathways-talkstips 

For other short video tutorials (15-30 mins) you can access the D73 Team Pathways videos here: https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/video-tutorials


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We follow the advice of someone who came to talk to us: put a printout of the Icebreaker project in the welcome pack, and worry about logins later 🙂

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