Points to Ponder: accessing records in Pathways!

Annual Pathways Achievements: comparisons in your District Okay things are ramping up a little at your club and more of your long time members are getting into their Pathways projects! Congratulations that means that something is working well in your Pathways implementation strategies. You are also experiencing an upsurge of new members who are eagerly … Continue reading Points to Ponder: accessing records in Pathways!

Are you prepared?

When you plan for a trip away, these are the usual steps you take: know your destination collect your tickets pack essentials add to your Trip Plan check everything Can you successfully plan ahead for your Projects? When you get deeper into Pathways you will need to plan ahead! There are usually 10-11 required projects … Continue reading Are you prepared?

What do you need the most?

Preparing for the D73 Club Leadership Training workshop this week, I was reminded that for many of the members in our district, their steps into Pathways have been tentative. Our region 12 rolled out Pathways in December 2017 and as our clubs started up again after our summer holidays, we have had only 9 months … Continue reading What do you need the most?

Tools for your Path

PowerPoint This Microsoft tool has become a clear winner for me in preparing my speeches and tutorials for Pathways. With a deck of slides, containing imagery that suits my message, I can create an environment for my speech that will appeal to viewers in online clubs. I share these slides in full view with attendees … Continue reading Tools for your Path

Blogging from Mars: a MOOC for Pathways!

'Keep the end in mind' - wise words from Chew Ban Seng in his recent blog and presentation about what Pathways meant for him. He talks about the obstacles and the weaknesses of the new Pathways program and how he overcame them to become the first Toastmaster to earn the Pathways Distinguished Toastmasters award. Others … Continue reading Blogging from Mars: a MOOC for Pathways!

Why would you join an Online Club?

Lessons Learned - two years on ... Online Clubs first emerged in March 2016 and since then we have seen a total of 19 clubs chartered. We have a few community clubs, a sprinkling of corporate clubs and a group of advanced clubs - all meeting 100% online with their members on a regular basis. … Continue reading Why would you join an Online Club?

Voluntary Champions

Have you been challenged in your Toastmaster journey recently? Did you ride the roller coaster of DOUBT? Doubt that you could RISE to the challenge? International Pathways Guides Team Building My recent challenge, as a leader among fellow International Toastmasters, was to build a collaborative team of voluntary champions. Their mission (should they choose to … Continue reading Voluntary Champions

Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

The path to the Palace of Zoom is paved with gold; the golden icons of desire. The people of my kingdoms are beginning to make this mysterious journey to a place they've never been before. They are seeking enlightenment and must find the golden icons to turn on the light. Come with them on their … Continue reading Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

Pathways Virtual Support Sessions 2018

The Virtual Support Sessions for Base Camp Manager and other interested Toastmasters will continue into 2018. Events are scheduled in the Area 29 Facebook Group - you can RSVP there or send me an email to let me know you'll be attending. My brief is to provide a further 10 online webinars during January to … Continue reading Pathways Virtual Support Sessions 2018

Conventional Matters

This week, Toastmasters from across the world, are celebrating the 86th International Convention in Vancouver, Canada. The opening ceremonies featured the Flags of Nations parade and this reminded me, in a colourful way, of our connectedness. Toastmasters International is the only global education program I know that focuses on the personal development of its members … Continue reading Conventional Matters