Voluntary Champions

Have you been challenged in your Toastmaster journey recently? Did you ride the roller coaster of DOUBT? Doubt that you could RISE to the challenge? International Pathways Guides Team Building My recent challenge, as a leader among fellow International Toastmasters, was to build a collaborative team of voluntary champions. Their mission (should they choose to … Continue reading Voluntary Champions

Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

The path to the Palace of Zoom is paved with gold; the golden icons of desire. The people of my kingdoms are beginning to make this mysterious journey to a place they've never been before. They are seeking enlightenment and must find the golden icons to turn on the light. Come with them on their … Continue reading Chapter 8: The Hunt for Zoom Gold

Pathways Virtual Support Sessions 2018

The Virtual Support Sessions for Base Camp Manager and other interested Toastmasters will continue into 2018. Events are scheduled in the Area 29 Facebook Group - you can RSVP there or send me an email to let me know you'll be attending. My brief is to provide a further 10 online webinars during January to … Continue reading Pathways Virtual Support Sessions 2018

Conventional Matters

This week, Toastmasters from across the world, are celebrating the 86th International Convention in Vancouver, Canada. The opening ceremonies featured the Flags of Nations parade and this reminded me, in a colourful way, of our connectedness. Toastmasters International is the only global education program I know that focuses on the personal development of its members … Continue reading Conventional Matters

easy-speak training strategies

https://www.smore.com/uqeyd-easy-speak-help-desk?embed=1 I have been focussed on providing a variety of easy-speak help for new users. We kicked off with a Live Online Webinar on July 31 - easy-speak for club officers. The recording for this session did not activate as had been expected. Therefore I was able to share the slides only. Slides from that … Continue reading easy-speak training strategies

Zooming into Online Club Meetings

You have just received an invitation to join a Zoom Online Club meeting! What do you do next? Preparation In Online Clubs where Zoom.us is used, meetings are scheduled in Zoom Cloud web conferencing software. You can prepare yourself and your computer for participating in this environment by accessing the video tutorials at the Zoom … Continue reading Zooming into Online Club Meetings


How to develop an Online Training culture in your Toastmasters Clubs An online training program can make a huge difference in the way your club members learn fast and effectively. In land based and online clubs, specific members are stepping up to provide valuable learning experiences for Toastmasters both inside and outside of their meeting schedules - … Continue reading Empowerment

New Series: Network Centred Collaboration!

This month I am focusing on the benefits of Online Champions of Change! I have some reflections to share with you and some information on what I know about current Online Toastmaster Champions and how to develop a network of future champions. Reflections of a Flexible Learning Leader Phase One: E-learning All good things come to … Continue reading New Series: Network Centred Collaboration!

Trialling a New Course: Starting an Online Club

I have begun to construct a Thinkific short course for those who wish to start building an online Toastmasters club. Starting an Online Club In this course I have been harvesting some of the resources provided by skilled onliners and bringing them together into a cohesive learning experience. It is raw and unedited at the … Continue reading Trialling a New Course: Starting an Online Club

future of online clubs … call to action

What can you do to make a difference in the future of online clubs? That question has prompted this call to action from those who are currently experiencing membership and/or leadership in online clubs. Perhaps you are a member of a 100% online club or a land based club that accepts online membership? Maybe you … Continue reading future of online clubs … call to action