Points to Ponder: accessing records in Pathways!

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Points to Ponder: accessing records in Pathways!

Annual Pathways Achievements: comparisons in your District

Okay things are ramping up a little at your club and more of your long time members are getting into their Pathways projects! Congratulations that means that something is working well in your Pathways implementation strategies. You are also experiencing an upsurge of new members who are eagerly jumping into their Path too. Wow, you are on a roll!

How do I know this? I took some statistics from the George Marshall’s Tools site here and filtered to show Pathways Level completions for the current year for my District 73. Results showed 170 level completions for this year – way to go D73. I filtered the results further to show the clubs in alphabetic order and discovered some outstanding results for several clubs in Central and Metropolitan Divisions. It was also great to see several achievements for clubs in our regional locations.

Note: I need to tell my own clubs about this! Perhaps my Area Director will want to know these details before the end of November!

You can also used the Dashboards Toastmasters website to locate, filter and display ALL awards earned by your club members. This report can be further filtered by name of member, club name or division or area name.

Note: some names are not displayed here as members have chosen to hide them for privacy reasons. If you need an explanation of the Education Awards you can access here.

Impact for your Distinguished Club Program

Have you presented the DCP facts for Pathways for your club members? Let them know that as the club members complete their levels they can help their club accumulate points towards being a distinguished club. 

For instance to earn Pathways points for achievements, a club needs 4 level one completions, 2 level two completions, (can earn an extra point for 2 more level two completions) 2 level three completions, 1 level four completion and 1 level five completion. To find out exactly how your club is tracking on DCP points go to http://dashboards.toastmasters.org and use the filtering tools to display results for your district, division, area or club.

I was curious about the Online Clubs and how they were tracking, so I used the filters to obtain these results:

Online Clubs showing strong growth in club membership
Firebirds Collective Nov 2018 – strong Level Completions for Pathways

Note: if you are not sure how to use the Dashboards at Toastmasters try this guide.

VPE Drills down to access Individual Progress in Pathways!

Now let’s get to the next exciting part of exploring your club Pathways  progress – one individual Toastmaster at a time.

As a Base Camp Manager you can login to Base Camp in Pathways and explore the progress for individuals – gaining access to their Transcripts. This is achieved by selecting the Member Progress icon from your BCM landing page.

Note: make sure that you choose the Home Club you are exploring if you have access to more than one club.

Carole’s login as BCM

From here you can search for the member’s name in the search box and then select the Transcript to view.

Carole’s view from Base Camp

Once you have clicked on the Transcript for your member you will see the Path in the Transcript. Click the title of the Path to view a full list of the projects with a display of those completed and in progress.

Carole’s view of a member’s progress

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