Pathways in July: Motivate Others

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Pathways in July: Motivate Others

pathway-1149113_640What a month of frenetic activity around Pathways as club executives changeover and new Base Camp Managers emerge. The changeover also meant that many new VP Education officers sought help in managing their easy-Speak club sites; a series of requests for help come across my desk in that period of time.

Meanwhile the D73 Team Pathways (now grown to 15 members) has added to our downloadable Pathways resources for clubs in D73 and planned for our monthly Online Education webinars to take place on the last Sunday of each month. The recordings of these events and shared resources will be displayed here: https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/video-tutorials

We have also begun a new segment in our Southern Cross Newsletter, called Pathways Corner. This month we’ve followed the lead from the Toastmasters International Magazine and focused on the champions who are progressing with their projects in the Motivational Strategies Path. We aim to publish the stories and lessons learned from many of our club Pathways Champions in the Southern Cross Newsletter as motivation for others. (Link to July edition coming soon.)

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Then add to these the preparation for taking on an Area Director role; attending and presenting at District Officer Training; I was feeling all Pathway-ed out! I needed a new direction – I could do with some motivation for myself. ‘Seize the Day’!

Now, I really thrive when focused on a project that has meaning and a clear process. My next project in Level 4 of my Path, Team Collaboration is Motivate Others. My goal is to motivate other Toastmasters in my Area to step up as presenters/trainers at the Club Leadership Training day in August.

Motivate Others in Area N29

motivate others purpose

I am a member of the three clubs in my Area N29, located in regional Northern Victoria, Australia. Therefore I needed a project that would benefit all three clubs. Recent discussions among members of those clubs, while planning for the Area Club Leadership and Officer Training day in August, led me to think that within those plans I had the basis for a Motivate Others project.

A plan begins to emerge!

Here’s my communication plan for building a team to fulfil the completion of this project:

  1. Communicate initial plans for Educationals at the the CLT/COT event to club leaders
  2. Build on suggestions from the leaders about what they want to do
  3. Enable ideas for their involvement to percolate and keep communication channels open
  4. Suggest that the leaders become the ‘team’ who will plan and present a series of related Educationals.
  5. Invite the leaders to a Zoom meeting to discuss the plan:
    • at this meeting define the benefits of accomplishing the goals you set out
      • participating as a ‘training team’ will help club leaders in their individual growth
      • sharing the preparation for the event will help cement the Networking between the clubs

The important feature of this project is to motivate others to challenge themselves! Part of the challenge in providing Educationals at CLT/COT sessions is having confidence in themselves to engage, inspire and educate their peers. My background in professional development for adult trainers will enable me to provide support for that confidence to grow.

In Motivate Others, you will learn the different ways individuals can be motivated, how to strengthen and nurture relationships with others, and how to promote internal growth in other individuals. You will review methods of providing encouragement and helpful feedback to others.

My Pathways in July is all about motivating others!

I suggest that an executive team could all work together on the Team Collaboration Path and in particular work on these three projects during their year in office:
Level 3 ‘Successful Collaboration’
Level 4 ‘Motivate Others’
Level 5 ‘Lead in any situation’.

What’s yours?

Share your ideas, progress and challenges by attending the Tuesday Tips n’ Talks hosted by Global Trainers Online – one of the Online Clubs I belong to. (details of these weekly events in Zoom along with the schedule in your time zone displayed here: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalTrainersOnline/ )

If you have something to share from your Pathways experiences and would like to attend or present at one of the upcoming D73 Online Education sessions, please let the D73 Team Pathways know. Email pc@d73.toastmasters.org.au (details of these monthly events in Zoom displayed here: https://d73.toastmasters.org.au/online-education/

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