Chapter 4: Approaching the Sacred Chamber

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Chapter 4: Approaching the Sacred Chamber

Beyond the Information Gap!

island of californiaMeanwhile, in the kingdom of ‘far, far away’ other Pathways warriors had already completed their journeys and were finally able to see what it was like on the other side of the ‘information gap’. They had weathered their stormy seas and arrived on the shores of Base Camp Land. Stories of their travels were few and far between, there was still an air of secrecy and trepidation. Suddenly, words of wisdom from the kingdom of District 57 on the island of California, began to filter through, and we were once again enlightened and encouraged. King George was leading the warriors and making sure that others could follow and learn from the experiences of the ‘first footers’ during the big ‘rollout’.

Nomads pursue the Rollout!

inner sanctum 1More and more Pathways pioneers, a new breed of early adopters, sprang up, writing messages of hope on the walls of the communities in Outland. These were members of strong and fearless tribes, travelling the far reaches of the globe – eager to explore the sacred chambers of Base Camp Land.

They had found a new way to enter the land and transport themselves, virtually, to kingdoms where the ‘rollout’ had begun. The people of these kingdoms welcomed the new breed enthusiastically. They were intrigued with the tales of adventure from these nomadic visitors and exchanged many cultural stories.

There were many new nomads following in their footsteps – they too were impatient to walk the hallowed Halls of Transcript in the sacred chamber. Not much is known of the exploits of these ‘eager followers’ for their written journals have yet to be revealed. However we are able to locate some tales of their journeys written on the walls in Outland.

  • King Brian, of the kingdom District 21, is exploring the many ways in which he can spread the knowledge of the sacred chambers for brand new explorers.
  • Queen Mathilde and Queen Michelle are leaping over the Information Gap to the kingdom of District 75 from the lesser known kingdom of District U, a floating world partly hidden in the clouds.

The walls in Outland were beginning to show the summaries of places visited and the stories of their findings. There will be more of this to come, when more early adopters discover the ‘Tablet of Truth’ about Writing a Compelling Blog.

Perhaps some of them will follow me!

The Guardians Speak!

The time of the great ‘rollout’ was approaching my kingdom of District 73 and I trooped over to the kingdom of WHQ to hear the great Guardians of the Base Camp speak about the sacred chamber in detail. Their wisdom, understanding and consistent teachings were not to be missed.

Many of my fellow Pathways warriors were there virtually – shadowy figures lurking behind the tapestries in the GTW Atrium. We could not see the Guardians but we heard their messages.

The voices of the Guardians were strong and clear.

“We are hear to guide you and keep you on the path. There is much to learn so listen carefully! Please send in your questions via the Feedback Forum or write your questions in the Atrium chat room.”

holy-grail chapelAs I listened my knowledge grew and I became calmer – the sacred chamber is not so scary, I can do this. I learned what I needed to do in the Hall of Transcript and how my navigation and learning would be tracked by the Gods of CSOD. The chamber looked more and more like a labyrinth and my job was to learn to walk the path in the correct order in order to reach the ‘Holy Grail’.

Meanwhile I was still continuing my travels across the vast lands of Hume, Indigo and Riverina and building my rapport with the peoples of the kingdoms there. I had been telling them about the coming of the ‘great rollout’ and they were excited.

Segue to Chapter 5: Entering the Sacred Chamber!



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