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Inspirations for Family History Legacy

What are three recommendations for creating and sharing your complete family history as a legacy? I recently attended a LiveCast from RootsTech 2023 – a taste of what’s to come in March next year. Have you registered to attend this event online? I have and I am looking forward to the classes and presentations from the […]

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Unlock Ancestral Storytelling: a self-publishing Journey

Let’s start at the beginning! This week I decided that I wanted to share my ancestral storytelling with my family in the form of a book. I have been adding stories of my ancestors into my blog posts each month and I now wanted to combine these to create an ebook. I am familiar with […]


Ridiculous Rules: family history storytelling!

Are you tired of following rules? Do you want to take some bold steps in writing your blog, telling your story, and sharing the process? This post is for you. My blog writing on this site and my genealogy stories blog site are often spasmodic and interrupted by life. I set up a timeline, I […]


Cool Tips For Family History Blogging Success!

How to get started the easy way! Do you want to leave a legacy for your family – the history of your ancestors? Then blogging is an easy way to get started! A blog does not pressure you for perfection! A blog waits for you to compose your posts! A blog is not on a […]


10 Ways to Reinvent Your family history blogging

STORY LINES This month I am exploring the different storylines for ancestral storytelling. What are story lines? According to the online dictionary: 1. The plot of a story or dramatic work.2. One of the narrative strands forming a complex story:   Storylines can also be: 1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the plot of a book, film, play, etc2. (Film) the plot of a book, film, play, etc Storylines in family history can be the inspiration for starting, continuing, or reviving your ancestral storytelling blog posts. Storylines for me are the ‘prompts’, ‘themes’, ‘styles’, and […]

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Writing and Publishing my latest book!

The Crown of Wisdom Excerpt The sisters stood at the centre of a ring of white stones, they had hidden at the edge of the forest beyond the Academy and prepared themselves for a leap in time. The air was charged and cold as they joined hands to form a circle, and chanted: Take us […]

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#Tech Tools for Geneabloggers

Tech Tools for Geneabloggers: Series 1 – Trello I have begun a new series of video tips and I have release these on my YouTube Channel. The first in the series is Trello for Planning your Ancestral Storyboards. There are 10 short videos in this series: 10 Trello Tech Tips Videos   How to Setup your […]

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Courage is a virtue!

Courage is a virtue! One of my favourite quotes inspired my blog writing today. “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou During the last two months, some health setbacks caused me to lose my confidence and motivation for writing, and […]

Networking with Genealogists

#Networking with Genealogists: Podcasts

Get your FREE course here: Blogging in the Past Lane Who do you think you should network with? The world of Genealogy online is a vast repository of articles, videos, lessons, courses, magazines/books, forums, social media groups, and family tree research sites. It can get very confusing and overwhelming knowing who or where to get […]

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Be an Influential Genealogist

  The journey into the past is like a trip to a foreign country, and often a roadmap is needed to ensure you reach your destination. Here are 10 places to include in your itinerary. Genealogy Itinerary: Knowing What or Who you are Seeking – a good place to start from.Packing what you will need for the Journey […]