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Free Family History Storywriting Help?

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Keyword Searches for Free Family Tree Resources is trending and in high demand. Are you seeking free resources to help you with your family history research, building your family tree or writing your ancestral stories? Then you are not alone!

We are blessed for choice in getting help with Family History! One place to look into closely is Social Media. There are many private and public groups in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest; there are networks of Genealogists in LinkedIn; there are posts from Genealogists every hour of the day in Twitter. Subscribe to a few of these just to whet your appetite.

Facebook Story

Have you ever tried searching in Facebook for Family History? You will find hundreds of groups of like minded historians, only too willing to help you with your research. This happened for me recently when I asked for help in locating an ancestor ‘on the stage’! My Great Uncle Andy was an Opera Singer – according to family lore. A member of the Genealogist Squad answered very swiftly with a place to research and this gave me a photo of my ancestor in full Mikado makeup and costume on the stage in 1924. This lead to the discovery of a write up for that performance in one of the British Newspapers online called ‘The Stage’. Now I can write up a story for Andrew Ralph Cutting and use some of the imagery found.

The Mikado, 1924. Andrew Ralph Cutting played the role of Lord High Everything Else, Pooh Bah – he is centre back row. Image courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery.
The Stage
1 May 1924. Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives.







In the Live Cast recording above, Tips for Writing Ancestral Stories, we unpack several strategies you can use to write compelling ancestral stories.

Would you like some help in planning your ancestal stories?

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Here’s some of the questions gathering now!

What is your top question about writing ancestral stories?
  • What to leave out?
  • How to sort fact from fiction?
  • How to prune the content for my family stories?
  • Who would be interested?
  • What could I write about?
  • How factual do I need to be?
  • How to recall family stories?
  • How to find the storyline?
What is your top question about posting in your blog?
  • How do I get started?
  • What software do I need?
  • Do I need a website?
  • How to pick what to write about?
  • How to concentrate on just one aspect per blog?
  • How to plan a series of blog posts?
  • How to promote my blog to my network?

You may also like to find out more about my free course ‘Blogging in the Past Lane’. Feel free to opt in here.


In this course these Top 10 Questions will be answered! From the Google Survey above, I add bonus lessons in the course to provide some solutions. This course has been going now since its inception in March 2020. An ever expanding and growing group of enrollees, have enjoyed the self-paced nature of this course and learned the basics of Blogging in the Past Lane.

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