Five Courses in my Family Historian Bundle

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Five Courses in my Family Historian Bundle



Hello, everyone. Coach Carole here with you again. Above is the video which was my final Live Cast for my January challenge. I have been doing this with a group of people who are studying with Sarah Cordiner. We have all been learning how to do our live casts. And our final project was to share with you something about our courseware that we have also developed with Sarah’s help. And in my case, it lives in Thinkific which is my learning management system platform.

In the Live Cast video above you will learn about the five courses and see a walk through of the modules and lessons contained in each. If you’d like to see all of these please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Then if you make your way across to CoachCaroleOnline.thinkific.com. You will find the family historian bundle. In this bundle there are five courses, they are all self-studies. You can pick them up and work with them at whatever time you have and work through them on your own. 

They each have a link to a family history group in Facebook. You will have some company at:
Preserve your Family Stories and Digital Storytelling Online.

What’s in the Courses?

The courses provide you with insights into various ways of preserving your family history. And I am focusing on storytelling. Some of the courses do investigate the researching side of family history, but mostly these courses are about how you build your stories and share them with others. Let me take you through each of these.

You will see on this page, Family Historian Bundle, the five courses including:

  1. blogging in the past lane,
  2. family story magic,
  3. how to create and preserve family stories,
  4. digital storytelling, and
  5. family history resources

The final one Preserving Family History Resources which I am finalizing this weekend. This course will be showcasing the live casts that I have done during January 2021. The downloads involved in each of these courses include workbooks and checklists that will help you in your family history preservation.

  • how create a family tree,
  • how to create ancestral cards and
  • how to create digital stories, among others.

At this price offer is quite reasonable for those who want to save their pennies. There are five courses there at just $75. (Total Value of $206:00 AUD)

And if that is a bit of a stretch, you can choose to pay in three instalments of $29. You can set aside some time to start these courses during March and you will have continuous access to the courses over the year. Those who enrol in this course can opt in for some of my Zoom time to support their journey into preserving their family history. 

There is a page of information about each of these courses in this website under Courses.

Walk Through the Courses!

Blogging in the Past Lane


Let us go over to blogging in the past lane. This one has been offered free for the last 12 months and will remain free. And anyone can come in here to look at six easy lessons on preparing, writing, and sharing family history blog posts. It is for beginners, and it taps into WordPress and Blogger as your platform for blog services and gives you a series of lessons in those modules from start to finish; how to choose a blog platform right through to how to publish your blog.

NoteIf you have some questions or suggestions for lesson topics please add those here.


Family Story Magic

The next one is called family story magic. And the feature in this one includes lessons on how to create ancestral cards in Trello, trello.com is an especially useful site and I am using it to show you how you can build your storyline using ancestral cards. There is a workbook on that in the course for you to download and work offline. And in this course, the curriculum includes several modules from researching your ancestor, preparing, and designing your story and sharing the story of your ancestor. Several lessons involved in that course.

NoteIf you have some questions or suggestions for lesson topics in this free course please add those here.

Free! for 2021 – Usually $37:00 AUD

How to Create and Preserve Family Stories

The third one in the bundle is how to create and preserve family stories. And this one allows you to take your family story writing to new heights. As you learn more about the basics of research and how to find those gems to include in your stories about your ancestors and you can polish and present your stories online in this course. There are some pre-course preparations for you to focus in on, and then the modules step out these lessons for you from the researching point of view lots more new tips in this one only added this month. And in the next one, how to find details of ancestors for your stories, new ones added there, had a storyboard, and get your story ready for sharing, how to write your story and looking at how you can get help from the experts on writing your stories.

Value: $47.00 AUD

Digital Storytelling

The fourth one in the collection for the bundle is digital storytelling. Now this one has been going for a while now and it takes you into the art of creating a digital story which includes narrations and lots of images. If you have got many images in your collection and you want to create a visual story this is the course for you. You will use simple software like PowerPoint to create a video that includes your memorabilia and your own voice, narrating the story of your ancestor. This is a good one for you. If you have many photos, letters, documents, and things to share, and you want to create a little story and preserve it in visual and verbal manner, falling over my words. In this module there is an introductory module and there are several introductions from me and how to get started. And I include some of my own stories that I have created in PowerPoint as videos. So how to unpack your digital stories and look at the ways in which you can build it into a really engaging video, planning it out, creating the narrative and drafting your storyboard. Then getting to the end, how to create the story and manage the video. This is quite a large course with many modules and lessons, as you can see. You would allow a little more time for this one.

Value: $97 AUD

Preserving Family History Resources

And finally, the new one added to the bundle is preserving family history resources which includes all the essential habits for genealogists’ tips that I have created in January free for you to look at. You can gain access to these in this course in the bundle. Several courses involved in the bundle and you can get to that by going to coachCaroleonline.thinkific.com. And there have a look for the family historian bundle.

Value: $25:00 AUD

(Valued at over $200:00 AUD) IS AVAILABLE TO YOU FOR $75:00 AUD

If you need more from me and you are looking for my family history blogs, you will find those at coachcaroleonline.com. Thank you for listening and viewing today. I have enjoyed stepping you through my family historian bundle in my school. This was the final in my series of live casts for the challenge the 30 tips in 30 days, challenge with Sarah Cordiner. 

Thanks for listening and viewing this blog. If you would like to keep up to date with my posts, videos, courses and mentoring services, you can reach me in these online spaces:

CoachCaroleOnline YouTube Channel
Family History Preserved Facebook Page

Or leave a comment below and ask your questions in there. I will respond to you as soon as I can.


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