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Courage for 2022

What is my One Big Thing for 2022? As I am writing this blog post today I am listening to Sarah Cordiner as she advises

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Black Friday Special Offer!

Stories from your Ancestral Records? How do you get started with your ancestral stories? Do you pick a theme; or a time period; or an

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The healing pool

The healing pool is a fictitious place in my latest book; a work in progress; a place where the soul can feel safe; a place

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Save time and automate everything!

Tips for bloggers Are you looking for ways to save time and automate your posts, your stories, your promotions, and your mailing list communications? Publishing

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Why Genealogy Matters?

VIDEO: Why Family History Matters! If you want to increase your knowledge of genealogy and become a family history – detective, librarian, and storyteller; then

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