Getting Organised Genealogically!

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Getting Organised Genealogically!

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I have been generating my family tree online for over a decade, using Ancestry.com and I got stuck in a rut. The tree has grown to over 1800 persons of interest and it is shared with others who are linked as  descendants to ancestors in that tree. I would go back there and do a little research, often distracted by the popup Leaf feature that indicates a Hint has been found. Ancestry is wonderful for enabling wide searching for relatives and being in contact with others researching the same people.

However, I needed to branch out (pun intended) and develop my tree in software that resides on my computer. A friend suggested I try Legacy Family Tree and I began with Legacy 9 free version.

Legacy enabled me to import my tree as Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM file) and that meant I could grow my tree there quickly. Unfortunately, it also meant that if there were errors in the original tree, these would be transported across to Legacy.

The good thing was that Legacy picked up those errors as Potential Problems and I could then fix them. For example, in my Maternal line my Great Grandfather’s data showed that he was born to parents who were not old enough to have children. The problem was in the recorded birth dates for his parents. I could then return to Find My Past, where I now keep my online tree, and search for the correct dates by searching for records for Great Grandfather, and verify his parents’  birth dates.

It’s worth paying for the Deluxe version of Legacy to enable you to fix the problems easily. In this case I could add the correct information for the individual, and the problem was resolved.

Organise your Research

It is so easy to get distracted by shiny objects when researching ancestral files! I often get side tracked into rabbit holes and forget why I came there in the first place.

Now I try to work smarter by forming a question and adhering to the process of finding an answer to that question on that day. This is all about self-talk – when you see that shiny object, note it and move on.

One simple technique I am using to organise my research is to keep notes about the results of that research. A simple word document with spaces for the data provided in a table is the answer for me. (Here’s a copy for you: Clan Research Notes 2021 Template )

Note: There are many free Genealogy Records files available online (eg Family Tree Magazine), however, I needed something that suited my style of research and helped me to stay organised.

Grow your Personal Learning Network

Join a Genealogy Group on Social Media. Go to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and do a search for Genealogy. I recommend the following groups on Facebook:
The Genealogy Squad
Australian Family History
Genealogy Victoria Australia

How to Find Genealogy Communities

Free Family Story Magic course available now!
Free Blogging in the Past Lane course available now!
Free Preserving Family History Resources for Beginners, coming soon.

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