WeAre […] in a Room of our Own

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WeAre […] in a Room of our Own

Everything under the one roof

Have you ever wished for a place where you could store and share all of your genealogy artifacts, research records, ancestral profiles, and stories, as well as blog posts? A place where each of your ancestors has a ‘room of their own’! A place where you can invite your family members to collaborate with you in preserving your shared history! A place that enables you to display your family tree for individual family groups! A place that enables you to display your ancestral stories in bite-sized chunks!

“In WeAre […] each of your ancestral families and forebears has a whole room of their very own filled with relevant information all neatly ordered into stories and research, media (photos, videos, albums, etc) documents, notable places and occasions, and an area for cataloguing all those precious artefacts we and our relatives possess (diaries, furniture, medals, anything our ancestors have touched!).”

If I was an emerging family historian, just beginning my search for the optimal platform on which to store my heritage, I would choose WeAre […]. If I was an experienced genealogist with a collection of family stories to share, I would choose WeAre […].

Listening to Simon Davies in the WeAre […] making our family unforgettable Webinar, I was convinced that this is the way forward to preserving our family history. A space where everything is digitised,  everything is storified and everything is shareable. We Are […] is where every piece of our ancestral puzzle is interactively archived and tagged, a house full of ancestors where each one has their own room.

You can view the recording of the WeAre Webinar on the Essential Genealogist YouTube Channel. Look for more videos that step through the multiple magical aspects of the platform, on the WeAre YouTube Channel.

If you are looking for a quick overview of that webinar then view this presentation, created in Canva. Click the arrow icons on the bottom left to flip through the slides.

we are making your family unforgettable by Carole McCulloch

Why not join the WeAre […] Facebook Community of early adopters and see what all the excitement is about?

Still not convinced? Read all about it in a feature article from the May edition of the Family Tree Magazine.

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