We Are – making your family unforgettable

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We Are – making your family unforgettable

Introducing WeAre […]: The Future of Family History Preservation

What is WeAre […]?

WeAre […] is an innovative, next-generation genealogy software designed to revolutionize the way we share and preserve our family histories. It’s not just a tool, but a comprehensive platform that brings your family tree to life in an interactive, engaging, and user-friendly manner.

What are the biggest hurdles in sharing and preserving your family history?

The challenges of preserving family history are manifold. From organising vast amounts of information to ensuring the longevity of our research, genealogists often struggle with making their work accessible and engaging to family members. The fear that our painstakingly gathered data might be lost or misunderstood by future generations is a constant concern.

However, fear not! Explore the attributes of WeAre […] technology for 30 days and I know you will see it as the answer to all your wishes for a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to preserve your family history.

Want a sneak peek and a 30-day free trial of WeAre […]? I highly recommend this to you, I did that and was hooked immediately. You can find all the details here: https://weare.xyz/

How to gain an overview of the WeAre […] Demo Tree?

Follow this link and explore the Royal Families of Europe to learn more about how the site works.

Queen Mary article from the Demo site at WeAre.xyz

How will this next-generation genealogy software change the way you preserve your family history?

WeAre […] addresses these challenges head-on. It offers an interactive archive builder that automatically generates sections for each family surname and individual, complete with a fully interactive tree. This visual representation illuminates the relationships within your family, making it easier for everyone to understand their lineage.

The software also allows for customizable sub-trees within your stories, showing how all the individuals you are describing are related. This feature is particularly useful when introducing a generation or explaining complex family ties.

Why is this software so good?

WeAre […] is more than just a genealogy tool; it’s a platform for family involvement and personalization. Each family member can have personalized access, making them the center of their own family history experience. This approach fosters a sense of shared ownership and encourages active participation.

The ‘Ask Family’ button on every page allows users to generate questions about any piece of content, fostering collaboration and engagement. Comment threads under all content items and the ability to share to social media further enhance the interactive experience.

Can you imagine being able to invite your cousins in to discover the research and stories you have created for your shared ancestors? All are neatly tagged to individuals in your tree. They can easily contribute their own comments and stories and gain a sense of ownership of their family history.

Can you imagine engaging your descendants in your world of family history with the online interactive tools provided on your family tree site? They can wander through the lives of their ancestors at WeAre and immerse themselves in ancestral profiles, stories, and documents.

Windsor Family Tree: Demo Site at WeAre.xyz

Who will benefit from using it?

WeAre […] is designed for anyone interested in preserving and sharing their family history. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or a family member curious about your roots, this platform offers an engaging and accessible way to explore your heritage.

The software also addresses the concern of preserving your research for future generations. It provides effortless backups, allowing you and your family to download everything into well-organized folders on your hard drive. The content can also be extracted in print-ready PDFs, offering the added security of generating physical copies.

I believe that WeAre […] is a game-changer in the world of genealogy. It’s not just about preserving the past, but about creating a living, interactive archive that engages the whole family in the fascinating journey of discovering their roots.

Want to know more about how to keep your family stories alive?

The team at WeAre […] has made it super easy to establish an interactive archive at the heart of your family. I am so impressed I just want to share it with you. What better way to do that than by inviting Simon Davies, its founder, to a live interview where he will demonstrate some of its attributes for you?

Want to see it in action and learn more?

Join us for this free webinar on July 3!

Topic: WeAre [making your family unforgettable]
Time: Jul 3, 2023, 17:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Here’s what we’ll cover this time around:

  • An overview of WeAre.xyz
    • View the Demo site in action
    • Create your family tree (or upload a GEDCOM)
  • How to build vibrant pages of information about ancestors
    • create an ancestor profile
    • add photo images for each ancestor’s page
    • add documents from your family history archives
  • How to create engaging articles linked to your ancestor’s tree
    • select the layout for text and images
    • create sub-trees to illustrate a family group
    • add images and text for the ancestor articles (stories)
  • Collaborate with family members on content
    • invite family or friends
    • use the Ask Family tab
    • use the Share features (link, email, social media)

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Monday, 3 July 2023 at 07:00:00

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