Unlock the Power of Ancestral Storytelling: A Journey through Time

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Unlock the Power of Ancestral Storytelling: A Journey through Time

Are you a family historian, a guardian of your family’s past, or a storyteller who weaves tales of ancestors long gone? If so, we have something extraordinary to share with you. A new course, ‘Unlock Ancestral Storytelling,’ is here to revolutionize the way you preserve and share your family’s legacy.

Imagine a space where your family history comes alive, where the memories you cherish are not just preserved but displayed with pride. A place that exudes warmth, love, and a sense of belonging. A place that is not just a repository of names and dates but a vibrant, living archive of stories, photos, and artifacts. This is what ‘Unlock Ancestral Storytelling’ offers you.

The course is designed around seven keys, each a module that opens a door to a new aspect of ancestral storytelling. You will journey through these modules, gaining access to lessons, video tutorials, downloadable templates, reflective activities, case studies, and a resource library of extra videos and stories.

The first key, ‘Harvest your Ancestral Stories,’ will guide you on how to gather and organize your family’s stories, moving from outdated technology and paper files to a living online archive. You’ll explore different types of family history stories, from individual ancestor profiles to full family tree collections.

The second key, ‘Explore the World of WeAre,’ introduces you to the innovative software, WeAre.xyz. You’ll learn how to create interactive family trees, customize sub-trees, and share your ancestral stories in a meaningful, engaging, and collaborative manner.

The third key, ‘Develop your own WeAre Family Tree,’ will empower you to develop your own interactive family tree using WeAre.xyz. You’ll learn how to set up your account, import your existing family tree data, add new individuals, and update information for each person.

The fourth key, ‘Fine-tune your WeAre archive,’ will guide you on how to design your site and add and edit details for each individual in your tree. You’ll learn how to replace or add new profile pictures for individuals, making your family tree more visually appealing and personalized.

The fifth key, ‘Master the Interactive Archive Builder,’ will help you master the use of the Interactive Archive Builder in WeAre.xyz. You’ll learn how to create content blocks, add text and images, create sub-trees, and format your stories.

The sixth key, ‘Design and create your Story collections,’ will guide you on how to design and create your story collections. You’ll learn how to use the various features of WeAre.xyz to create a kaleidoscope of captivating documents, artifacts, photos, videos, and stories in many different formats.

The final key, ‘Share your Stories,’ will teach you how to share your stories with others. You’ll learn how to make your stories public or private and how to invite family members to view and contribute to them.

‘Unlock Ancestral Storytelling’ is not just a course; it’s a journey through time, a voyage of discovery, and a celebration of your family’s unique history. It’s about creating a legacy for your descendants, a gift that will continue to give long after you’re gone. So, are you ready to unlock the power of ancestral storytelling? Join us on this remarkable journey and become the storyteller your ancestors would be proud of.

The course is scheduled to be available for you in August – a full 30 days of adventure, time travel, and experiential learning.

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