#Networking with Genealogists: Social Media

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#Networking with Genealogists: Social Media

Social Media Platforms are an essential part of your Personal Genealogy Network

Genealogists are frequent posters of information, research tips and stories of their significant others in many of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

There are different methods for connecting within these platforms, and I recommend that you learn how to work with each of them, in order to increase your Personal Genealogy Network.

Each time you visit, take note of what is trending, who’s following you, who you want to follow and how to engage with the communities on a regular basis.

You may prefer to focus on one or two of these in the beginning of your journey into building your PGN, however, do put aside a little time each week to increase your own presence on these.

Set a reminder in your smart phone or online calendar for your connectivity, it is worth it!

Twitter is one of the the favourite platforms for Genealogists in 2022. Find them using #Genealogy or #FamilyHistory or #GenealogyCommunity.

Facebook groups is another habitat for Genealogists. Groups include many different styles of Genealogy. Find them by searching with specific search terms.

LinkedIn is a good place to hunt for professional Genealogists. Search and connect with them.

Pinterest is colourful space where Genealogists have created collaborative spaces. Search and pin to your personal pinterest board.

YouTube channels feature many of the big names in Genealogy and provide a plethora of video tutorials in their channels. Search and subscribe to those.

Instagram abounds with Genealogists who love to share images and videos. Search for them and follow your favourites.


#Networking with Genealogists: Podcasts – follow up

I find links to many experienced and professional genealogists and family historians through my Personal Genealogy Network. I am always on the look out for those whose blogs inspire me, or their video tutorials with tips educate me or those who provide advice on writing ancestral stories.

This month I found Family Historian, Eilene Lyon and Genealogist Jamie Wasilchenko. In both cases their presence came to my notice through Tweets and/or posts in Facebook. My February podcasts feature both these ladies.

My latest Podcast Interview is now available.

In this podcast, Eilene Lyon shares her experiences in researching her family ties and writing their stories in her blog at Myricopia.com.


Eilene is a member of the National Genealogical Society in the U.S. and will be presenting at their Family History Conference in May, in Sacramento, California. Her topic is Immortal Words: Keep Your Family History Alive with a Lively Blog and is currently scheduled for Friday, May 27.

Her first family history book called Fortune’s Frenzy: A California Gold Rush Odyssey is due out from TwoDot in 2023.

Build your own PGN!

Do you get overwhelmed with the choices available in your Genealogy adventures?

Do you often forget where and when you found that really important link, article, post, or connection to another Genealogist?

This PGN Challenge will help you to build your Personal Genealogy Network in 10 days.

Connect with other enthusiastic Genealogists seeking other Genealogists to add to their Personal Genealogy Network by joining the #10day PGN Challenge group on Facebook.

The inaugural #10day PGN Challenge begins on 7 March 2022 and extends until 17 March.

Click the link below to join the group and receive reminders via email.

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