#Networking with Genealogists: Live Casts

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#Networking with Genealogists: Live Casts

What are Live Casts?

This week I have been exploring other Genealogists who produce Live Casts and promote them on social media.

For those who are not sure of what a Live Cast is, I encourage you to learn about these and how you can make use of the strategy for building your own presence online and engaging with a wider audience.

A Live Cast is a streamed event in a video that displays in real-time. It could be just you giving a tip on your favourite topic or you could be with another person discussing your favourite topic. It is usually viewed as a short 4-8 minute event on a smartphone or tablet or computer screen. As a viewer, you may have the option to send Likes or Comments to the speaker in real-time.

Live Casts can be made on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms using the web camera and microphone built into your device or computer. I use StreamYard, a subscription site that enables me to Live Cast to several social media platforms simultaneously. This is a great strategy for ‘getting the word out to many.

Next, who is really into digital storytelling and wants to talk about the latest stories of their ancestors? Or perhaps you are a Genealogist who wants to provide advice to other researchers on your fields of fascination? Live Casts will offer you an exciting, challenging, and effective method for getting your stories out.

Hands up those who are Toastmasters? I know that some of you in my Followers list, are definitely Toastmasters and know all about public speaking. Well let me tell you that Live Casts are a fabulous way for you to a) promote your club and b) create interview opportunities for your members. Here’s a recent example that we created to promote our local Indigo Speakers club on our Facebook page.

How do I learn how to create a Live Cast?

My best advice is to join one of the Challenges from Sarah Cordiner in her Edupreneur Academy. I suggest the #30Days30Tips Challenge to get you started and revved up to do a Live Cast every day for 30 days. Try this one: #30Days30Tips Challenge

There are a few Live Cast video tutorials on YouTube too. If you are live streaming from YouTube, try this video from Justin Brown, Primal Video. Or if you want to live stream from Facebook, try this video from Justin @ Primal Video.

If you want to try out StreamYard, Justin from Primal Video also has tutorials on how to stream to multiple sites simultaneously. Try this video


Where to Find Genealogy Live Casts?

You can search and find Genealogy Live Casts on Facebook or YouTube. My favourite one is from FindMyPast Fridays@Home. The team at FMP produce an excellent live cast with interactive opportunities in comments; and an update on the latest records published in FMP. What I love about this one is the Genealogy Family experience – viewers come from all over the world and share their thoughts and their answers to the Question of the Week [QOTW].

I usually watch these on Saturday mornings in my time zone, as the actual live cast is scheduled in a time zone that does not match mine. It still feels as though it is live as you can see the comments from everyone. The beauty of watching it later is the ability to stop and restart to pick up on the information being delivered.

If you would like to view the Live Cast from Friday 4 February on YouTube – see below!

Other Live Casts for Genealogists and Family Historians can be found on YouTube. My favourites include these:
Essential Genealogist Live Casts – these are the ones I produced in January this year. What a fun activity that was!

You can view Tip #30 How to join my Preserving Family History Academy on YouTube – see below.

How to keep up with all your Genealogy connections?

Do you find that you have multiple Genealogy tabs open in your browser simultaneously?

Do you have multiple Genealogy links stored in your Bookmarks?

Are you always scrambling to find that Genealogy hint, contact, blog post, podcast or live cast that you listened to last week, and cannot find again this week?

Do you find that Genealogy Bookmarks and Lists are just not enough to help find those precious links?

Then you need a Personal Genealogy Network!

Please join the #10 Day Personal Genealogy Network Challenge!

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