#Networking with Genealogists: Podcasts

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#Networking with Genealogists: Podcasts

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The world of Genealogy online is a vast repository of articles, videos, lessons, courses, magazines/books, forums, social media groups, and family tree research sites. It can get very confusing and overwhelming knowing who or where to get help or to listen to their advice or stories.

In this series of blog posts, I am exploring the various Genealogy networks and recommending a few to help get you started in creating your Personal Genealogy Network. I started thinking about that and posted some links in my Christmas blog post.

Genealogy Podcasts

One of the best ways to network with other genealogists is to go where they gather online. Genealogists and Family Historians are great at sharing; you’ll find them on every piece of social media. They also love to create podcasts and share interviews with other Genealogists, or give advice on how to write family history stories. If you love to listen to podcasts, while you are out walking, preparing a meal, or anytime when you want to keep up-to-date in the field of Genealogy, then podcasts are for you.

To find a selection of these that might be of interest to you, I added this search field into Google – podcasts with genealogists. The top link sent me to this Blog Feedspot website to discover the Best 25 Genealogy Podcasts you must follow in 2022. I subscribe to Feedspot so that I can keep up-to-date with a collection of Genealogy-related posts, podcasts, and programs. From that list, I have selected for your exploration, the Journeys into Genealogy Podcast by Emma Cox.

In the Journeys into Genealogy Podcast, you will find one in which I was interviewed by Emma; it is called: Organising Family History research and Stories.

This interview was recorded in August 2021; about 50 minutes of listening time.

Once you have a selection of podcasts bookmarked, then you can add these to your Spotify or Apple podcast playlists. Need a lesson on that? Try this one from TechJunkie on YouTube.

Essential Habits for Genealogists

My own adventure into creating Podcasts had been an amazing journey of networking with authors, genealogists, and storytellers. I am happy to say that my Essential Habits for Genealogists was the second top link when I googled my quest. I am now into season 4 of my episodes and this year have created Episodes 25 and 26.

Episode 25: Genealogist Anne Young: Geneablogger and creator of Anne’s Family History ~ an online research journal

Episode 26: Author M. K. Jones: Writer of the Genealogical Mystery series: MAZE Investigations

If you are a Genealogist, Family Historian, Geneablogger, Author and want to appear on my Podcast episodes, please get in touch.

Personal Genealogy Network

Now I have only just scratched the surface of this Aladdin’s cave of Podcasts with Genealogists; there are many more.

Try the Google search yourself podcasts with genealogists and see what you find. Add a link in your comments below.

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