#Networking with Genealogists: Conferences

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#Networking with Genealogists: Conferences

What can you gain from attending online conferences?

I have registered to attend the Roots Tech 2022 Conference scheduled for March 3-5. Have you? Will you?

Here’s a couple of compelling reasons why you should!

1. Connections

I noticed that you could check connections to ‘cousins’ who were also attending the conference using the Relatives at RootsTech connection tool. As I explored this tool I discovered several people with whom I shared a connection as cousins once, twice or three times removed. Interested I began to look at the shared ancestors in our connections. I could see a simplified family tree with significant people highlighted in the sequence back to the shared ancestral couple at the top. In my case, my 5th cousin once removed was connected through the Newth Family and linked back to our great greats from the 1750s. Then I checked the connection with a 6th cousin twice removed which linked back even further to great, greats from the 1700s.

What do I do with that information? First thing was to message the ‘cousin’ using the built in messaging tool at RootsTech. Second thing to do was to go back to my online tree and double check the people in our connected trees.


The next reason for networking with other genealogists in conferences also comes from my first experiences at RootsTech, as we get organised for participating.

2. Listening and Learning

The program of events at RootsTech is huge. There is so much to see and do at RootsTech. At a glance I can see the following areas of interest:

Main Stage – where you can be inspired by global keynotes and find ways to connect with your heritage. RootsTech tells you when these begin in your time zone. That’s neat.

Expo Hall – where you can get assistance from companies from around the world who will help you discover your unique story.

Sessions – whey you can watch educational classes, participate in workshops and activites.Choose from 1500 sessions on 185 topics. 

Connection – where you can find your cousins with Relatives at Rootstech, add items of interest to your Playlist, download a Connection Song, download connection activity memes and use the #ChooseConnection hashtag.

I have scheduled some time in my Google Calendar and desktop diary for participating in the RootsTech 2022 Online Conference.


Connecting and Networking: Podcast Episode 28

Jamie Wasilchenko is passionate about her work as a Professional Genealogist and Heirloom Preservationist.

In this episode, Jamie shares her earliest adventures in family history as a nine-year-old child listening to stories from her paternal grandfather; and traveling with her step-mother on research trips.

Jamie has a unique skill-set in Genealogy and Preservation: Her services include:

  1. Family Tree Foundations
  2. Branches & Leaves
  3. Brick Wall Research
  4. The DIYer Package
  5. Mapping & Trip Planning
  6. Ancestral Biographies
  7. Heirloom Preservation & Digitization
  8. Technology & Organisation
  9. Record Retrievals
  10. Consultations

Her advice to researchers is to get micro local, visit archival repositories in person if you can, but even if you live far away, conduct a search for the local historical societies, local libraries that might have a history room, any of these, small organizations and reach out to them.

Jamie’s package of services is displayed here on her Shifting Sands Genealogy website.

Genealogy Research Services

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