Courage for 2022

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Courage for 2022

What is my One Big Thing for 2022?

As I am writing this blog post today I am listening to Sarah Cordiner as she advises me on how to cultivate courage! There are so many fears that control my feelings of vulnerability which often prevent me from taking that next step, that I need to switch my mindset and turn these negatives into positives. I know I am not alone in these vulnerabilities! I know that you will have experienced these too; it is part of the human psyche.

Changing the way we perceive our lives and building up our courage to change our own futures, our own destinies, is the sort of thing we do at this time of the year – the closing of the old and the start of the new year. Take a deeper look at what has been holding you back and ‘dare to lead’. Sarah recommends the teachings of Brene Brown in her book ‘Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.’

One of the biggest challenges for me – in most things that I do – is to remain consistent and persistent. I am often distracted by new strategies/activities, new online tools/books, or new networks/social media groups and frequently forget to follow through on my plans. I need to FOCUS.

Therefore my One Big Thing for 2022 is to focus on the courage to lead! The featured image for this final blog post for 2021 is actually Tip #100 in my Essential Genealogist tips for the year. I hope that this theme resonates with you.

Plans are now in place for the things I want to achieve in 2022 for my business Preserving Family History. Following the advice from Sarah I have plotted the things to be done in each month of the new year. I used a series of sticky notes on large A3 paper to capture the pieces and the order in which to build them. Bearing in mind what I had learned in 2021 – not to overload my schedule and avoid putting myself under pressure to achieve – I was able to design the year ahead.

I then transposed those to my CoachCarole Planner 2022 in Trello for a visual overview of the months’ tasks and goals.

All of my aims and goals to help others in their Genealogy research journeys; in their Ancestral Storytelling skill-building; and in preserving their family history for their next generations, are now enabling me to ‘dare to lead’ in this busy, often overwhelming, and popular pastime. I have Genealogy experiences to share, research tips to guide, and story-writing strategies to enthuse those who are feeling daunted by the process of preserving their family history.

My own learning curve in all things genealogical continues to climb ever upwards. I know what it is like trying to achieve everything I want to do in my week. Planning ahead helps me to focus! Breaking down the long list into manageable chunks and working steadily towards completion, one by one works for me. I value my checklists, my diary notes, and my planning boards and I am sure that many other Genealogists do the same. Therefore, I know that what and how I am teaching will work for other family historians. I just need to be consistent and persistent in my presence on social media, so that my future learners know where to find me.

Courses for your Genealogy Journey included in my Preserving Family History Academy are as follows. This shortlist is in the recommended order for your journey from researching to storytelling.

  1. How to Organise your Genealogy Research  – $47 (Self-paced)
  2. How to Create and Preserve Family Stories – $47 (Self-paced)
  3. Blogging in the Past Lane – Free (Self-paced)
  4. Family Story Magic – Free (Self-paced)
  5. Coaching Course: Ancestral Storytelling – $150 (Guided: January – February 2022)

You may have already completed my free courses, or perhaps you are already skilled in researching and writing blogs. Therefore you may be ready for the Coaching Course: Ancestral Storytelling. Two of these guided courses are scheduled in 2022; January/February and September/October.

The January/February course will launch over this weekend (Jan 1-2), but you still have time to get this Coaching course at the discounted price of $100, if you get in quick. Click the link below to go directly to the discounted check-in page for the course.

Coaching Course: Ancestral Storytelling #1 January/February 2022

You can still join us in early January and opt in to pay in 3 installments if preferred here.

Coaching Course: Ancestral Storytelling #1 J2022 – instalments.

What is your One Big Thing for 2022 (OBT)? Leave a comment and let me know. Alternatively, contact me on any of these sites if you need my help and genealogy services in 2022.

Happy New Year to all my followers! Good fortune, good health, and good genealogy for you in 2022!


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