Let your personal Genealogy Network help you!

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Let your personal Genealogy Network help you!

e.g. Ancestral Occupations?

Knowing where to go to research your ancestors is a vital ingredient in getting started in genealogy. There is a wealth of digital information available in databases across the globe and they are just waiting for you to step in and explore. Plus there are countless GeneaBloggers who can help you find the most appropriate places to research your ancestors; each one specializing in counties within their home countries.

A strategic Google search will bring up many sites that will help you with research in specific locations. And don’t forget the myriad of specialized social media groups that connect the Genealogists in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My advice is to let your personal Genealogy Network help you!

I recently discovered this valuable site for local information on my Devon Family tribe of Tailors, and I have made contact with them for future research. Devon Family History Society. 

The discovery came about because I received a Newsletter from one of my GeneaBlogger colleagues, Genealogy Jude. Judith Batchelor mentioned her recent participation in ‘The Really Useful Podcast’ about ancestral occupations for the Family History Federation. Intrigued I listened in for a half-hour. This allowed me to find two more GeneaBloggers to follow, plus it was a great learning session on the importance of the occupations of our ancestors, and how these are often dictated by where they were living, and the reasons for their subsequent migration.

A really useful quote from that podcast, by genealogist Mish Holman, resonated for me:

“I am really interested in how occupations drive and shape the family through time.”

Specifics like these will help you discover how your family was shaped over time. On the Family History Federation site, I found even more useful resources and I encourage you to explore their site, especially if you have English ancestors.

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