Genealogy Musings: a year in reflection!

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Genealogy Musings: a year in reflection!

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As we turn our hearts and minds to the festive season, it’s time to reflect on the year that’s been. 2021 was busy for me; a tumultuous year culminating in a satisfying set of creative writing, family history sleuthing, networking, and podcasting achievements. I share some of these with you below.


Let me begin with the latest podcast for your enjoyment. This week I interviewed Natalie Pithers from the Curious Descendants Club and discovered even more genealogy gems, tips, and storytelling devices. Listen in to the #Twice Removed: Interview with Natalie Pithers below.

Natalie invites you to visit her website, Genealogy Stories, to find out more about tracing your family tree, the curious descendants club, and the podcast episodes on #Twice Removed.

For those interested in the Curious Descendants Club, find out more here and jump on the waiting list.

Creative Writing

I completed and published my second eBook this year; a fictional genealogy story based on the curious facts surrounding one of my ancestors, The Devon Kin Keeper. This is available as a Kindle eBook for just a few dollars. Add it to your Christmas Tree wishlist, or buy it for someone in your family.

Story Synopsis:

The Devon Kin Keeper is a work of fiction, based on facts surrounding the claims to inherit the Angell Estate, South London, England.

The story is written from the perspective of three genealogists in the Allery family, myself, my sister Pamela Marie Allery and our great uncle William Adrian Allery.

Many of the scenes and chapters have evolved from my blog posts, compiled over a thirty-year span, about various members of the Allery family. Our roots stem from the small township of Townstal, Dartmouth in Devon, UK.

The Devon Kin Keeper

My next fictional fantasy book is in the hands of my publisher and is due out in 2022, The Crown of Wisdom.

Story Synopsis: 

Three sisters with special powers, use time leaps, to find portals to other worlds in mysterious rooms of the cloud-based house inherited from their grandmother. They are guided by cloud-based avatars who calibrate the portals for their safe leaps into the future and past and give them clues as to what they must bring back.

Their inheritance includes knowledge and skills in using the Tarot to plot their actions in the other worlds and to give them confidence and purpose.

They have each been accepted into the Cloud Academy where they learn how to use their new knowledge and skills wisely. They must find the portal to Moonland to find the house bequeathed to them and learn the mysteries of the rooms.

There is a sense of urgency, as the new pandemic sweeping the world is causing infertility in the young. The spread of the virus is controlled by an evil shapeshifter who leads a team of Elementors. They too can travel through the portals and present further challenges for the team of accidental heroes.

Course Development:

I have created two new courses for my academy at Preserving Family History and continue to help beginner genealogists, bloggers, and storytellers in their pursuits into ancestral storytelling.

How to Organise your Genealogy Research

How to Organise your Genealogy Research

How to use DabbleWriter to create your Family History Collections

DabbleWriter for Genealogists

Plus I have a new course, Coaching in Ancestral Storytelling, starting in January 2022.

This course will help you to:

  • Plan and manage your ancestral story collections using Trello
  • Learn how to use writing, editing, and publishing tools (including DabbleWriter)
  • Illustrate your stories with graphics created in Canva
  • Learn how to schedule and share your stories on social media from WordPress and/or Buffer

Christmas Special: Course Bundle

During the month of December 2021 I am offering a collection of my courses and ebooks at a heavily discounted price. $270 + value for $90. A great gift to get you started in your Genealogy pursuits and pave the way for a successful year of preserving your family history in 2022.

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Christmas Special: Course Bundle.

Genealogy Research Services

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