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Simple Steps To Organise Your Genealogy Research: Part Three


August is shaping up to be an exciting month for me. How is it for you? We are just emerging from a cold wet winter and I can see a few blossoms and buds beginning to spring up in my neighbourhood. I am encouraged to go walking again, the sunshine has returned to our NE Victorian region.

In my Genealogy pursuits I have been tracing my Essex, UK based ancestors and finding many, many ancestors with same first name – so confusing when you try to get all your Williams in a row. However, I am grateful for the superior record databases provided by the Essex Archives, and can now boast a slew of marriage certificates for my family groups. Plus I now have an overview of the towns and villages in which they lived.

My writing and publishing efforts are focussed on a new piece of fiction, for the young adult reader, and I know that process will take some time. Fantasy Fiction is a new genre for me. Its a scary leap for me – I have only ever published educational manuals, years ago, when I was teaching Office Administration at TAFE. Except for my one leap into ebooks when I published this one:

Storifying your Ancestors available at Amazon. You can get a free copy through Kindle Unlimited.

Mind you, if I count all of my blog posts as published writing then I can boast of hundreds. Most of these are stories of my ancestors and I am really eager to get back to those blog posts for my ancestry blog here at 
CoachCaroleWriting. My last post there was in June, I must return and tell you all about my latest research for my Paternal ancestors in the Wright clan.

AND I have now published a new course
‘How to Organise your Genealogy Research’. find more about the course here. This one features the use of Evernote for keeping Notes about my Family Groups. I love the way I can clip a web page, image or article, directly into my Notebooks. The two images above were clipped into my Wright Family Notebook.My ancestral data has grown exponentially after finding the newest function in FindMyPast – Copy to Clipboard.

Check in at my YouTubeChannel. I will be posting more tips there this month, on Organising your Genealogy Research.)

PLUS I have been dabbling with a back to basics self-study course for Genealogy beginners, and published it right on my website here. Essential Genealogist – I would love you to try this out and see if works – its FREE. Be the first to try this out and email me with some feedback please. [I plan to learn more about the use of LMS Tutor an Elementor plugin for my WordPress site.]

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