Simple Steps to Organise your Genealogy Research: Part Two

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Simple Steps to Organise your Genealogy Research: Part Two

Emma Cox

My mission is to become more organised in my research into my family history. I have been harvesting tips from the experts, the family history magazines, and fellow enthusiastic genealogists who abound in social media groups. Where do you go for your research networking? Leave a Comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Each time I network with, meet, exchange ideas with or just listen to what they have to say; I come away with more lessons learned, new techniques and new tools. I continue to publish my Essential Genealogist podcasts, and this week I have interviewed a new Genealogy friend from the UK, Emma Cox. Emma and I have much in common, especially our focus on helping others with their genealogy research.

Here’s a 4 minute clip from that interview! You can listen to the whole episode by clicking on the player below. Emma and I have reciprocal podcast promotions – here’s where you’ll find Emma’s post.

Episode 16: Genealogy Research with Emma Cox

Emma Cox from the Journeys into Genealogy Podcast joins me in this episode to unpack a few of her favourite strategies for organising genealogy research. Featured in Emma’s strategies is Evernote, a wonderful free tool for organising just about anything. Come and listen to Emma as she unpacks the benefits and joys of using Evernote for organising her genealogy research. Emma Cox

I am looking forward to being interviewed by Emma on August 12 in Journeys into Genealogy Podcast

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My next course, available in August 2021, may feature a special guest video tutorial from Emma Cox on How to Use Evernote for Genealogy Research. Stay tuned! Pre-Order by clicking the link below.

How to Organise your Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research Services

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