Historian Perspectives: Podcast

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Historian Perspectives: Podcast

Podcast Interview with Terry Stavridis

It was a Toastmaster event online at which I met Terry Stavridis. He was talking about his passion for history and how he has been researching and writing historical episodes about World War 11.

Tales from the Last Days of Anatolia: A collection of fictional short stories dealing with real events in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. These stories are based on fictional characters.

In this episode of the Essential Genealogist, Terry shares his love of history and the reasons why he became an historical author.

I am enjoying the process of interviewing authors, storytellers, Toastmasters and Genealogists. If you have a story to tell, contact me to set up a podcast interview. These are recorded in Zoom and the Audio segment is used for the podcast.

Coming up next in June! Interview with two Toastmaster/Genealogists from Melbourne – Noel and Sarah McDonald.

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