Dabble: an alternative writing tool for family stories

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Dabble: an alternative writing tool for family stories

DabbleWriter – the cloud based writing tool

I have been using DabbleWriter for several years now as my preferred writing tool. I use it for my fiction writing, my courseware content, my Toastmaster Speeches, and my ancestral stories.

DabbleWriter keeps all of my writing in the one place and automatically saves and syncs to the cloud as I am writing. No more lost manuscripts, stories or speeches.

Why is it my preferred tool?

  • I can write from my laptop, my iPad or iPhone and can pick up from where I left it last time I logged in.
    eg My Toastmaster speech scripts can then be viewed on my iPad as prompts when I am at the lectern.
  • I can create a variety of projects to store my many different types of writing – each one becomes a separate manuscript – containing the content in structured chapters.
    eg My Ancestral Stories can be created in Scenes within the chapters and can be exported as separate blog posts.
  • I can Plot and plan my stories using a Plot Grid.
    eg My Fictional stories can be planned out in advance, chapter by chapter.
  • I can write directly into DabbleWriter and allow the built in pro-writing aid tool to suggest improvements in spelling, grammar and style.
    eg My lesson plan content for courseware can be created in sequential order and exported as content for my Learning Management tool.

Last month I interviewed Jacob Wright, the creator and developer of DabbleWriter, to gain insight into this wonderful software program. You can listen to the Podcast episode below.

If you are a Family Historian, and would like to learn how to use DabbleWriter for creating and storing your ancestral stories, come on over to my latest ecourse DabbleWriter for Genealogists.

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