Setting a Vision for 2021

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Setting a Vision for 2021

In 2020 I focused on writing online courses for those who share my passion in Family History. During the months from May to November I successfully completed a raft of short courses for my academy. I am forever thankful to my ‘guiding light’ in all things to do with course writing, and cheerfully promote Sarah Cordiner‘s courses to my friends and followers who wish to become successful Edupreneurs.

2020 was a busy year in another way, as we decided to move house and downsize our property. We found a buyer in March, thanks to the support of a fantastic agent from Elders; and immediately after, found the perfect new house closer to town, thanks to the same agent. As you can imagine the months of March to May were frenetic as we revamped, renovated and prepared the old domain for settlement. We had not sold a property for over 20 years and some of the protocols had changed – we were surprised at the plethora of legal ‘argy-bargy’, and paperwork involved. Then on a cold, wet day in mid June we said goodbye to the old property and stepped into our new home. For the next two weeks we slowly unpacked and organised our belongings to fit the new spaces. Interesting to note that we had far too much furniture and had to get rid of some.

In the decluttering process we realised how important it is to discard unwanted items before moving house. Unfortunately the shutdowns of many recycle venues, where we could have donated, meant that we had to take most of it with us or store it for later removal. Who would have thought that a global pandemic would have such an unusual impact for those who were downsizing.  

What has this got to do with the Vision for 2021?

30 day challenge with Sarah Cordiner and 150 others!

Planning and Plotting – two of my favourite things – are on my radar as we move into 2021!
Today is a day for decluttering once more, tying up loose threads and clearing the decks of UFOs (unfinished objects). Eg Clear away the Christmas decorations and clean house ready for New Year.
The importance of Preparation time for a 30 day challenge is well known for me, having completed two 30 day writing challenges in September and November 2020. The end results were two books, one instructional and one fictional. Both on my schedule for publication in 2021!
(My granddaughters were thrilled to receive the printed manuscript as a Christmas gift – the third book in a trilogy I have been writing since they were small. I have tasked them with a critical review during January while they are on holiday.)
One thing I learned in those challenges was how important it is to prepare in advance, right down to simple things like:
  • Daily writing in a diary – tasks to be completed, blog posts to be drafted and published, due dates and end goals.
  • Order meals in – (eg Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon) for the month. Takes care of the shopping and meal planning all in one.
  • Keep a running check in with others doing the same challenge using social media.

Objectives of 30 day Challenge

  • Share a helpful, educational, informative or practical tip in your area of expertise with your own social media audience every single day, for 30 days.
  • Live stream on any social platform or a scripted pre-recorded video.
  • Share one tip every single day for 30 days in a row.
  • Tips may be written or visual in your field of fascination.

What will my Tips be about?

Yes, you guessed it, FAMILY HISTORY. But I am going to diversify and look at the most popular questions about family history from different points of view; why, what, how, when, which, who and where.

Your questions may be about why genealogy matters, how genealogy works, what genealogy means, when to start your family tree, which sites to use, who to ask for help and where to do your research.

Note: feel free to add a comment with your own question!

Why Genealogy Matters

Why am I doing this?

  1. promote my services to more people
  2. increase my followers and connections in social media
  3. build my email list and my credibility
  4. entice more visitors to my website
  5. create an authentic collection of content tips to help others

Where can you get some Free Resources from me?

If you need help in the process of writing your Family History Blogs you will find my Free Course beneficial to get you started. Try Blogging in the Past Lane if you want to preserve your family history stories in blogs. 

Click here to find other free resources from my Academy.

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