How to start your Family Tree and Connect with Your Past

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How to start your Family Tree and Connect with Your Past

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‘How to get your Family Tree started’

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Many people ask me how to get started in Family History. I am always delighted to give them some tips from my own process of researching and writing stories about my ancestors.

  • There are some great easy to access online lessons on researching your Family Tree, for example, from the best Family Tree services eg Ancestry or FindMyPast.
  • Then there are the video tutorials from YouTube where you can find answers to many of your questions about family research, large and small.
  • Of course there is an enormous collection of books (print and ebook) on the subject, available for borrowing at libraries or purchasing from Amazon or Book Depository.
  • There are short online courses on Family History you can purchase from Udemy or Teachable; and there are several full online Certificate or Diploma courses you can enrol in.

You get the picture! Family History learning is booming! The options are endless.

When I started out, I gathered some family history data from my family archives and created a family tree in Ancestry. I have been building that for two decades and my ancestors are piling up in there, calling me in to discover and tell their stories.

I get a real buzz out of discovering some of my ‘lost’ ancestors through the clever little ‘leaves’ or ‘hints’ that Ancestry offers. And I am fortunate that some of my relatives had parts of their stories recorded through Newspapers, just waiting for me to find them.

I also remember how confusing it was initially; not knowing how to search effectively for my ancestors in census, birth, marriage, or death records. I learned the correct procedures along the way from my studies and from the collective wisdom of fellow genealogists.

Many Family Historians gather in social media groups and are always willing to help others find their way. This form of ‘social learning’ has proven ideal for me as a beginner genealogist and is still my ‘go to’ place for answers to my questions on research.

Since then I have also learned much more on the art of Family History story writing from fellow historians who share their histories in blogs.

It is like a fairyland of glittering lights, all beckoning me in to begin learning once more.

But where will I begin? What resources will I use? How should I plan my research? Where will I go for help? Who will I turn to when I have reached a brick wall? Which online programs and websites will be best for me?

If this journey sounds like your journey into Genealogy, or if you are just itching to get started, but need a gentle push, then why not join me and other genealogists at these free webinars in Zoom.

Two Sundays: 13th and 20th at 7:30 pm AEDT.

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