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Setting a Vision for 2021

In 2020 I focused on writing online courses for those who share my passion in Family History. During the months from May to November I

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My Story

I have become obsessive compulsive in my pursuit of educating people in the art of preserving their family history!

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Getting all my ducks in a row!

Journal prompt: What opportunities has an enforced ‘change of routine’ had for you? What new skills have you learned as a result of the extraordinary

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Post your Blog Stories

Lesson 6: Upload content, illustrate and publish Once you have your story drafted, edited and ready to post: copy the content from your writing tool create a new post in your blog site paste the content and give it a title add one or two themed images to illustrate preview publish Watch this short video […]

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Family History Magic

I am interrupting this broadcast ( … the Blogging in the Past Lane series of posts … ) to bring you the latest news about

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Explore Family History Blogs

Exploring Family History Blogs is a great first step in preparing to write your own. Lesson Two: Subscribe to Selected Family History Blogs I subscribe

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