Courage is a virtue!

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Courage is a virtue!

Courage is a virtue!

One of my favourite quotes inspired my blog writing today.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
Maya Angelou

During the last two months, some health setbacks caused me to lose my confidence and motivation for writing, and consequently, my courage disappeared. I lost time for my writing while recovering from COVID and then gastroenteritis – my brain then took even more time to recalibrate and put my writing plans back in order.

Earlier this year I had mapped out an entire year of course writing, blog writing, ancestral story writing, and learning opportunities. The plans were all stored as lists in my favourite Trello planning board and I was happily completing those when COVID struck. I kept thinking I will bounce back soon! But weeks went by and still my motivation was lacking. I had missed opportunities to write a weekly ancestral story for the #52Weeks52Ancestors Challenge after just 14 weeks into it. I had not written blog posts in here consistently either; all of this just piled on top of an exhausted brain. No escape!

Then Today!

I just needed some Prompts!

I wandered through Facebook looking for inspiration!

I found a new video from Sarah Cordiner on Publishing a Blog Post in WordPress.

Out of that came a new resolve, a new motivation, a new way to regain my courage in writing my blog posts.

Thank you, Sarah!

So then I thought perhaps my own videos would help motivate others who have ‘lost their mojo’ in writing their own ancestral stories as blog posts. You just never know when advice and strategies from someone else will strike a chord with someone, so my advice to myself was to share a series of tips on using Tech Tools for Geneabloggers.

My Tech Tools for Geneabloggers Series is now in the planning phase; a series of videos in separate playlists on my YouTube Channel. Each playlist will focus on one tech tool I use to plan, research, prepare, write and publish my ancestral blog posts.

What are my Top 5 Tech Tools for Geneablogging?

  1. Trello – for planning
  2. Evernote – for recording research
  3. DabbleWriter – for writing
  4. Canva – for illustrating
  5. WordPress – for publishing

Each of these tech tools enables the Geneablogger to develop a process for getting the story into a blog post. You may prefer to work directly on your blog site, and that is fine; however, in my Tech Tools for Geneabloggers Series, I will offer some advice on how you can use these tech tools to keep your planning, notes, and finished stories in order and to streamline the publishing of your ancestral stories.

Series coming soon on my YouTube Channel – Tech Tools for Geneabloggers.

If you want a FREE course on how to start your own Geneablogging, then visit the Blogging in the Past Lane page here on this site.

If you are already a Geneablogger and want to enhance your skills with all of these tech tools, then visit the Coaching in Ancestral Storytelling page here on this site.

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4 replies on “Courage is a virtue!”

It’s not got when you lose confidence I have suffered that as well, I’m new to this blogging and still trying to get my head around it but time beats me

So sorry to hear how sick you have been., Covid has hit some of my family and extended and extended, with other ailments taking over. Not nice at all. I am glad to hear you have found some words to gain courage and get your mojo up and going again. Sending good wishes.

Thanks Isabel. Perhaps I have now turned over a new page. Thinking now about my next ancestral story – it will be another Ancestral heritage trail story from Essex. How about you?

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