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DTM project: D73 Pathways Coordinator

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My journey for this project!

I was appointed Pathways Coordinator in 2019 and so much has happened in one year in office!

D73 aims to have 100% Pathways Adoption by end of June 2020.

My tasks have included:


  • Created a Project plan
  • Formed a team
  • Created a Communication plan
  • Created an Action plan
  • Formulated production process
  • Selected educators & presenters
  • Shared agendas, running sheets & resources
  • Scheduled and managed learning sessions
  • Empowered attendees in Pathways and Zoom
  • Assisted the growth of leadership skills

Capture Southern Cross logoPromoted and reported on activities in Pathways Corner for Southern Cross Newsletter


steps-3747068_1280Recruit capable team

Empower presenters

Validate training program

Involve the team

Verify process and outcomes

Engage and educate effectively


pathway-286368_1280Increased confidence with Path selection

Improved skills in navigating Base Camp

Increased project and level completions within clubs

Increased confidence in using Zoom for online club meetings

Improved skills in presenting for the small screen in Zoom

Added training resources (recordings) to the D73 Website (Online Education page)


DTM Final Speech purpose

Project Plan and Team Sheet

Project Google Drive repository

D73 Zoom Account

Messenger Group

Development Flow Chart

D73 Pathways Training Model Page 2

Succession Plan

A new Pathways Coordinator will be appointed by the new District Director for the 2020/2021 year.

This will ensure ongoing support for D73 Toastmasters and clubs to achieve adoption rates and educate new Toastmasters.



By CoachCarole

Learning technologist and elearning designer. Toastmaster and connected educator.

4 replies on “DTM project: D73 Pathways Coordinator”

Thanks Lesley, the journey is not yet over and I am now practising my final speech and already have gathered points for my delivery:
feedback points for me:
– thorough – missing jubilation
– enlarge the graphis
– structure and detail – love to see more enthusiasm
-sharing tips – acronym good for REVIVE – humour
read it all here:
– more energy required for both challenges and success
Summary – one statement at the end


Well done. I have just finished my HPL other than my final speech this week – reflect on your path. I decided to create a step by step guideline for putting on a 1, 2 or 4 hour club officer training to make it easier for members who were doing this event. It has been almost a year project. The last part was doing a video to promote where members can find the Quick Step Guide on our District website.


Sukoshi Fahey

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