Shape up for Pathways Excellence

A positive approach! Pathways is our Educational system and it provides opportunities and challenges for the experienced and new Toastmasters. I believe that a majority of clubs in Australia have embraced Pathways well and are steaming ahead. We are ensuring that each District has a Pathways 'leader' to help promote and support Pathways experiences, and … Continue reading Shape up for Pathways Excellence

Reflect on your Path

This week I have been reflecting on my progress in my third Path and unpacking what I have learned and achieved. My overall perception of my growth as a Public Speaker and a Leader has definitely changed in the 14 months I have been working in Pathways. Changed for the better! Pathways has provided me … Continue reading Reflect on your Path

Leadership Style: lessons learned

Toastmasters, what do YOU do when you are building a new team? And what are YOUR strategies for team success? Here are my three lessons for successful team building: effective timing, strategic networking, and visionary planning. Building teams requires effective timing! One year ago, I was about to launch myself into the realms of Pathways … Continue reading Leadership Style: lessons learned