Roadblocks on your Path!

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Roadblocks on your Path!

Do you need inspiration?

sign-1167333_1280Several weeks have just flown by as we focused on family and things other than Toastmasters. Now its time to get organised again for the TM year.

What are your goals this year? What projects are you working on? What will motivate you to achieve Path completion?
For me, I have one more project to complete and one more ‘Lessons Learned’ speech to give and my 4th Path will be complete.
I am also working still on my DTM project as Pathways Coordinator for D73. I have completed ‘Effective Coaching’, ‘Visionary Communication’, ‘Strategic Relationships’ and working on ‘Team Collaboration’.
What Path are you working in? What are your challenges with the Projects? How will you motivate yourself and others?
Here’s my Summer Lament:
Last year things stalled along the way – life and death issues distracted me and I got a bit lost. This year has not begun well with another death among my friends (Cancer again) so January was a wipe out. February looms large now and I should step forward again and complete my Path commitments and help others achieve theirs.
Blogging your Family Tree flyer imageI thought that I would achieve my 3rd DTM in 2020, but now I am not so sure that I need another. One more plaque to find a place for? What is my motivation? Should I begin another Path? Will I be seeking another achievement in Toastmasters or should I be focusing on my ‘memoir writing’?
The fires in Australia have also been impacting our lives for several months, and in the face of life and property threats, I lack the impetus to get going again on my Path.
There are some great improvements in Base Camp that could inspire me: a) I can look ahead and select any project b) I can choose another Path easily c) Base Camp navigation is simplified.
(see Pathways Update article in the January Southern Cross)
elephant-4250190_1280Are you at a crossroads; do you have roadblocks in your Path; do you need inspiration and motivation? Are things looking a bit grey at your place?
Do we need to address the ‘elephant in the road’?
Maybe we just need to visit the D73 Pathways Learner Guide again. https://sites.google.com/view/d73guide/learner-guide
Perhaps I will be inspired whilst attending our Division Contests, the Club Officer Training during February, or the District Officer Training in Melbourne this weekend? Or perhaps you may have some words of encouragement and inspiration to help me move past this recent roadblock in my Path.

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