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Roadblocks on your Path!

Do you need inspiration? Several weeks have just flown by as we focused on family and things other than Toastmasters. Now its time to get organised again for the TM year. What are your goals this year? What projects are you working on? What will motivate you to achieve Path completion? For me, I have […]

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Pathways Conversations with Julie: Week 2

Dear Julie, My best memory as a Pathways Guide is of the growth of networking opportunities within and across districts in Australia. We started small with social media groups just for the guides in D70 and D73 – this enabled us to gain valuable social learning with our peers. Then we branched out with a […]

Pathways pathways conversations

Pathways conversations with Julie!

Dear Readers, I have been following Julie’s journey in Pathways for many months, as she writes her daily blogs . Her blog has been a compelling read for her thousands of followers as she unravels her journey with stories of challenges, frustrations and success. I have asked Julie to share some of her thoughts on […]