Writing with AI for Genealogists

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Writing with AI for Genealogists

Artificial Intelligence Language Models

Chat GPT and Quillbot are my newest best friends, allies, assistant writing coaches, and instructional designers. These two AI language models are helping me with my writing and course design and blog writing. They can be your best friends too!

See them in action?

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Online Course: Writing with AI for Genealogists

Are you a genealogist looking for a new way to tell the stories of your ancestors? Have you ever considered using artificial intelligence to assist with your family history writing?

Welcome to “Writing with AI for Genealogists,” a course that will teach you how to use advanced language models like Chat GPT to help bring your family history to life. This is the newest course under construction in the Preserving Family History Academy.

In this course, you will learn how to use AI technology to conduct research, generate ideas, draft content, and write engaging stories that showcase the lives of your ancestors.

AI language models like Chat GPT have been trained on vast amounts of data and can provide you with a wealth of information that you may not have access to otherwise. They can help you explore different writing styles, generate new ideas, and assist with editing and refining your work.

Through my live casts and lessons, you will get a chance to see how AI can be integrated into your family history writing. I’ll be discussing different ways you can use AI to enhance your writing, such as using Quillbot to fine-tune your drafts and creating ancestor profiles, ancestral blogs, ebooks, scrapbooks, and family history books.

Quillbot has absolutely transformed my writing; eg from passive to active, from bland to engaging; from convoluted to clear and precise. Coach Carole 2023

This course is perfect for genealogists of all levels who want to explore new and innovative ways to share their family history. Whether you’re just starting out or have been researching for years, AI language models can help take your family history writing to the next level.

So join me for my upcoming live casts and blog posts and learn how to incorporate AI language models into your writing process. Let’s bring your ancestors’ stories to life!









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