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Save time and automate everything!

Tips for bloggers

Are you looking for ways to save time and automate your posts, your stories, your promotions, and your mailing list communications?


Each of my blog posts is set to be published automatically on my Facebook page; my LinkedIn network and my Twitter feed. To set that up, go to the publishing settings and select the social media sites it should go to. For instance, this post will go to my Facebook Page, Family History Preserved.


I automate my social media promotional posts using Buffer.com. I schedule a selection of Tips for Genealogists in my account to be published each day, week, or month. How do I do that? Simple get a Buffer.com account and start scheduling.

Tip 1: Use Canva.com to create an appealing and eye-catching image and add to the scheduled post

Tip 2: Add a link to your website, course, or book page in the description

Tip 3: Add up to 10 scheduled posts for each social media site at any one time (this is for the basic account)


If you have a mailing list you wish to notify of your posts, you may want to try Active Campaign. The Automations feature of this tool enables you to automatically email to your mailing list when a trigger event happens. For instance, someone visits your website, enrols in your course or subscribes to your blog posts. I schedule a Welcome Series of emails that automatically send out to those people who opt in to provide their email.


I recommend using Canva.com to create images, presentations, or voiceovers the easy way. Add these to your posts to add visual and audio appeal.

Perhaps you have videos stored in your channel at YouTube; embed these in your posts to give even more impact to your messages. Like this one below, a recording of my latest tips in creating genealogy stories.

Scripting or Descripting

What about creating a transcript from your videos and voiceovers, you can do that quite easily with this little tool, Descript.com

I upload my audio or video and transcribe it to text, fix the errors, edit the long pauses and tidy up the spelling.

Here’s a transcript of the above video.


I learned all of this from Sarah Cordiner, in her wonderful Academy for Course Writers and Edupreneurs. This one, in particular, will give you lessons on several of the strategies explained above, and more.

Concept to Course

Come over to my academy and see what I have learned to do in the past 18 months at Sarah’s Academy. I now have a Preserving Family History Academy with over 10 courses for you to choose.

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