Listening to Dad can spark your stories!

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Listening to Dad can spark your stories!

How do you listen for your ancestral stories?

In this recent Podcast interview with Pauline Wilson, Family Historian, from Yarrawonga, Victoria, AU; we unpack our favourite methods for writing our family history. Pauline captured the stories told by her dad and uses them to give the authentic perspectives for her storytelling.

Pauline shares her family history stories at her blogs: 

A Genealogy Journey – The story of my journey to discover and document my ancestry


Reflections and Connections – Reflections of a Learning Journey and Connections made along the way

You can also contact Pauline through her new Author’s website at: Pauline Wilson 




Years ago, I began writing up my research into my family history and posting about various ancestors in my Celtic Family History blog. Initially, it was just for those in my family interested in the details I had uncovered from forays into Ancestry and Find My Past. Slowly but surely, I gained confidence in what I was researching and writing and became brave enough to share with other readers.

My Ancestral Story collections are available in my two blog sites:
CoachCaroleWriting – stories of significant others 


Celtic Family History – stories of my ancestors – English, Scottish and Welsh heritage connections

Sadly most of my ancestors had passed on before I could capture their stories, so I use my family history detective skills to find out what their lives were like. I use a different set of ‘listening skills’ to hear the voices of my ancestors and the history of their residences, occupations, communities and counties in the United Kingdom.

Their stories are often uncovered in the old British Newspapers; where their activities may be reported by the journalists of the time. One such collection of articles in the Devon Newspaper archives, searchable from Find My Past, has piqued my interest again in the story of my great Uncle William Adrian.

I can almost hear him as he proclaimed his rightful inheritance to the Angell Estate in Brixham; I can also now hear of his fraudulent activities from those who thwarted his efforts to claim evidence of lineage.

Perhaps I can listen some more as I reveal the truth behind this notorious and well documented escapade into the archives of St Clements Church. Can I now tell his full story, from a new perspective. I just need to LISTEN!


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