Share Oral Family History Stories

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Share Oral Family History Stories

Why voice record your Family History Stories?

Our immediate family members are closest to our hearts. Sometimes we are lucky enough to still have our elders with us; some of whom wish their stories to be told. Those who have come before us have paved the way for our own lives, they hold the clues to our past; they know the family secrets and they can fill in the gaps in our knowledge about our ancestors.

Your own story is a legacy that you can leave for your family but we are not all skilled in writing autobiographies. Not everyone wants to write their memoirs. However you may have some anecdotal records you want to preserve; significant events in your life worthy of storing for future generations.

How to record oral Family History Stories?

Voice recording our own stories and the stories of our elders can be made simple by the use of an App called The Lasting Tale.

In Episode 7 of the Essential Habits for Genealogists & Storytellers Podcast I interview Dimity Brassil, author and developer of The Lasting Tale. Listen here as Dimity describes how you can preserve the voice of your elders using the recording app. Dimity describes the development of this App to provide a much sought after simple method of voice recording with on screen question prompts.


Three simple ways to share your oral Family History Stories?

  1. Consider using A Lasting Tale as your vehicle for recording your own story or interviewing elders in your family. Record audio life stories and become a Story Collector for your family.
  2. Consider creating a series of online interviews with family members. You can use a simple technique of meeting with Zoom, conducting the interview, recording it as a video file and uploading to YouTube. Become a Digital Storyteller.
  3. Consider creating Podcasts by using just the Audio component from your Zoom session. I use Podcast.co to publish and share my podcasts. I upload the Audio file from Zoom to Podcast, add an image and the rest is taken care of. Become a Story Podcaster.

Instructions for becoming a Story Collector, Digital Storyteller or Story Podcaster coming soon as bonus lessons in my latest course
Essential Habits for Genealogists.

Visit my Podcast page for further Genealogist and Storyteller interviews.


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