What to do during a Pandemic?

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What to do during a Pandemic?

Is it October already? Where did the last few months go? Why does it feel like the world has been holding its breath? What’s next on my list?

Course Writing

I have been head down and fingers to the keyboard whilst preparing my courses for Preserving Family History; in fact I have built an academy with several courses in place, over the last six months. Something practical, tangible and fun to do whilst in lockdown.

My thanks to Sarah Cordiner for her tuition, mentoring and support in the development process, she has been one awesome, consistent, ever present ‘course midwife’!

Book Writing

Somewhere in that time I also drafted the content for an ebook, based on the courses above. That is now sitting as a literary U.F.O. (unfinished object) whilst I try to find the time to edit and publish. The process of writing the content in 30 days was an interesting and spellbinding experience. Setting myself a goal of 35,000 words was relatively easy to accomplish as I had many of the words already from my course lessons. Finding a style in which to write the book was a little more demanding. I planned to provide a Guidebook for family historians in a series of strategies for preserving their family stories.

Storifying your Ancestors:
How to preserve your family history one ancestor at a time!

  • Part One sets the scene for your family story writing preferences and helps you determine your path and how to plan your practical projects.
  • Part Two focuses on storifying your ancestors in Ancestral Cards – vignettes of your ancestors’ family history.
  • Part Three focuses on storifying your ancestors in Blog Posts – short stories appearing on your blog site.
  • Part Four focuses on storifying your ancestors in Digital Stories – short videos with narrations, imagery and soundtrack.
  • Part Five focuses on what to do next!
  • Due for publication in December 2020


Now for some more insanity as we head into November whilst still under the shadow of the pandemic. I am preparing for a whole month of writing – fiction this time – as we move into prep time for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

NaNo Prep 101 Week One: (September 13-19)
Develop a Story Idea You’re Passionate About

Yes I have my goal set on writing the third book in a trilogy – the search for wisdom in a world turned upside down by pandemic, climate change and war.

NaNo Prep 101 Week Two: (September 20-26)
Create Complex, Believable Characters

Yes complex protagonists will feature once more as accidental heroes, supported by their new guiding avatars, in their campaign against evil. They are up against strong antagonists in this book but have enlisted the help of stronger supporters.

NaNo Prep 101 Week Three: (September 27 – October 3)
Construct a Detailed Plot or Outline

Yes the chapters and scenes are plotted in my favourite tool, DabbleWriter; and descriptions for scenarios are in place. On Earth a dark presence is gathering momentum as the protagonists watch the devastation of peace, prosperity and fertility by multiple global events and the sweep of the pandemic.

NaNo Prep 101 Week Four: (October 4-10)
Build a Strong World for Your Characters

A new world is being built in The Cloud and visions of a ‘new normal’ are slowly coming into view. Details are shrouded in a mist and will reveal themselves when the time is right.

NaNo Prep 101 Week Five: (October 11-17)
Organize your life for writing

In this week I will connect more deeply with my story writing group/community and put personal incentives and support strategies in place. eg a Somewhat Binding Magical Writing Contract

NaNo Prep 101 Week Six: (October 18-24)
Find and manage your time

During this week I will plan my writing times and goals for word count squarely on my NaNoWriMo Book of Days. Note: writing 1,667 words a day can be a challenge, therefore I need a strategy that enables some flexibility.

Therefore November will be busy and I may not have time to reach out as often via my blogging!

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